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Quote: Originally Posted by lanamommyphd07 nursing bra--totally worth it. nursing clothes--waste of money. I hated them. Totally agree!
I love the Dixie Chicks' "Lullaby". It's what I play everyday for DD at naptime.
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan This was me at 13-14 yrs. One summer, I went on a weight gaining plan. I had 6 meals a day: breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner, substantial dessert/night-time snack. Things like (full-fat) yogurt with berries and wheat germ would be a "meal." Tunafish sandwiches, full breakfasts with pancakes and eggs. I had to eat something serious 6 times a day. I also did plenty of ice cream, peanutbutter dipped in chocolate...
DS is rail thin. He weighs 69 lbs and is 58" tall. He is turning 13 this fall and is quickly being outsized by his peers (meaning they are literally twice his size). I feel like he is going to be a naturally thin person, and that is of course a good thing. But I feel like he could carry more weight if he would just eat! He eats so very little on a regular basis. Not only is he picky, but he only eats maybe half of a sandwich and says he's full. His friends all eat...
My DD will turn one in 2 weeks. Most days she's up around 6:30, naps about 1-1.5 hrs around 9:30, naps around 1-1.5 hrs around 2:00, and goes to bed by 8:00.
Yes! I notice the chemically smells way more often than I used too. I've commented on smells more than once just to hear others say that they can't smell it. And, appropriately enough, I can't really smell the vinegar much anymore but when people come over as I'm cleaning something or right afterwards, they always comment about the smell. I guess it's all what you're used to.
Wow, Sunshine, that is SO scary! Hugs to you. I'm glad she's OK!
Quote: Originally Posted by ishyfishie bhawkins, would you mind going into more detail? How did you get her back to sleep at those times when you knew she wasn't hungry? How many nights did it take to break the every hour habit? I didn't really do anything too specific, actually. I just was at my wits end one night and I just decided that my goal was to go 3 whole hours without nursing. To my surprise, she really didn't cry that much at all....
Wow, time sure does fly! I'm really gonna try hard to keep up this month. Georgia will be turning ONE the last day of the month. I don't have anything planned for the party yet. I have got to get it in gear! She's walking all over the place now. Hardly any crawling at all anymore. It's amazing how fast she's grown. Nursing: I, too, am making nursing goals for myself. Sometimes I just so badly want to have freedom. I know that is so awful but it is just true. My current...
Quote: Originally Posted by artemis33 If you put it in a small jar with a bit of olive oil on top it will keep a while in the fridge (like a couple weeks or so) OR you can freeze it in an ice cube tray and put the little blocks into a baggie to use a few at a time. I was going to suggest the same thing. It's also great just cut up in a big salad and on pizza.
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