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I weaned.   IMO, if mom is having health problems due to the mercury, then the kids are at higher risk than most kids, and I am not convinced that the benefits of breastmilk outweigh the negatives of the increase in mercury exposure.  My son was 21mos old when I weaned him before I got my amalgams out and I am very glad I did it.   It's not just a short-term issue, getting your amalgams out can change a balance in your body.  In the month that followed my removal...
Probiotics are just bacteria helpful to our digestive tracts.  There are dairy and soy-free probiotic supplements, and people have been fermenting vegetables, like kimchee and sauerkraut and pickles, for ages--I mean real pickles or sauerkraut, not pasteurized, but there are some brands at health food stores that have live bacteria, and it's shockingly easy to make your own.    You'll want to remove all dairy, lots of people react to both cow and goat (and sheep and...
I don't really know, I figured it was part of the inherent properties that make popping corn different than the varieties of corn meant for other uses.  I'm just worried that soaking it, and getting it wet all the way through, would be problematic.
For my DD, mushy poop was not normal, I saw improvements when we took out her food intolerances and when we added in good probiotics (for us, I started fermenting veggies, kimchee is really tasty and does a really nice job for gut health, sauerkraut would probably be similar). 
Wow, I'm super-impressed.  When I order stuff that turns out to be out of stock (it seems to be in-stock when I order/pay), all I get is a note on my Invoice (the one that arrives with my shipment, not anything via email ahead of time) saying X is not available, I should wait 10 days before trying to re-order.  That's happened twice to me, I was completely underwhelmed by their customer service, but I like the products so I keep ordering.  I'm so glad it's worked out...
I'm guessing not, but if someone's done it successfully, I'd love to hear about it too.   The thing about popcorn is that the amount of water in the kernel is really important, that's what creates the steam that bursts the kernel open and we get fluffy corn.  Dried out kernels won't pop, and I'd think water-logged ones would be problematic too, so I'd think that soaking and then drying to get just the right amount of moisture inside would be really, really tricky. 
I just saw this page on making chocolate truffles, a lot less sugar than usual, and I think rolling them in different coatings is going to be really fun.   http://www.thehealthycookingcoach.com/2010/11/primal-chocolate-truffles-from-the-primal-blueprint-cookbook.html
Okapi, check out the Healing Cavities sticky in Dental too, nutrition changes (food or supps or both) can be helpful as well (at least vitamin D, depending on where you live).
The typical obgyn hasn't had a lot of time spent studying nutrition.  Some certainly could study more on their own, or perhaps choose coursework that focuses more there, but in general, it's not their strength.    I like using cal and mag separately for problem-solving, there are lots of reasons people could need a lot more mag than is "normal" and it can be easier to figure stuff out if you take them separately (or at least a mag separate from a cal-mag combo).
For my kids, a variety of things have been involved in their susceptibility to illness....   --probiotics, but not just a supplement, really overall gut health, so for us, probiotic foods (we use fermented vegetables, kimchee truly is yummy), and I've seen it firm up DD's poop (which was too squishy before), also something to really consider given I assume there's a history of antibiotics to go along with the ear infections?   --food intolerances, for us gluten...
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