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Rubin & Ed or The Dark Backward are 2 of my very favorite movies!
I updated this about 9 months ago... I hope the links still work. If not let me know & I will get the right ones for ya. I love my neighborhood... it's the downriver/audubon area, it's beautiful. The south hill is gorgeous too. I would steer clear of living in the valley. Enjoy spokane & heres my early welcome! (since you'll get here when it's cold!!) Websites of the City of Spokane Official Website of the City of Spokane http://www.spokanecity.org/ Tour...
((((Rest in Peace MMomofMany))))
In spokane you could go to riverfront park, manito park, cat tales, mobius childrens museum or riverside state park.
We see Dr Kraemer, so does my nephew & my sister when she was a kid. Hes really great. Michael Kraemer Spokane Allergy & Asthma Clnc 508 W 6th Ave Ste 303 Spokane, WA 99204 747-1624
Im here... Happy Mothers Day!
Hi Jacqueline, Im was born & raised in Sioux City for the first 10 years of my life, I go back about every 5 years & ALL of my family is still there. Im now in washington state but I really miss Sioux City, maybe it's a nostaligia thing but I think it is a great place to raise children. They have the best drive-in there called Tastees In & Out to boot... onion chips & hot dogs!!!! If you have any questions I could ask my friends that still live there... maybe they could...
Yep, my Mamas on there. I love it!
In in Spokane. My water/sewer/garbage bill is 105.00 a month. (Spokane Utilities) Internet/phone/cable is 120.00 a month. (Comcast) My heat is 133.00 a month. (Avista) Hope that helps.
I reread your post Mama & I am so sorry, my Son is a 4th grader & he too is alone alot of the time at school because he is excessively loud, he touches or hits people, he can't sit still, etc... The kids think he is weird so they stay away from him, he does have good friends they just don't go to his school. Can you talk to the counselor at her school, usually they can help. Our has helped tremendously.
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