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I have this problem too...
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby No. And it's really best for everyone else that I don't. :
Less clutter than #1. I'm a total neat freak!
Have some salads & call it "Lettuce Eat!"
Mine is the guy that lives in the house that I cross kids in front of. Im a crossing guard at my Sons school so I see this guy a couple times a week, he is atleast 10 years younger than me, hes a fire fighter, he is SOOOOO hot, he rides a mountain boke all over & sometimes when he gets h ome from a ride he will take his shirt off & strut around the yard. I almost have a heart attack when he does that. Whew!
Thinking of you Sugarlumpkin.
Uninterested, it's so dreadfully boring to me.
I was born & raised in Sioux City Iowa & I don't like pork either. I did live on a farm though in westfield. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal_R Yes, I live in Iowa and I used to live in Indiana. No, I do not live on a farm, in fact I have never been to a farm. No, I do not like pork tenderloins, I don't care what the Travel Channel/Food Network say about Midwesterners and pork.
Well I am in the pacific northwest, eastern washington specifically & people either confuse us with seattles misconceptions & think it rains all the time & that we are uber-hippie recycling machines or they confuse us with north Idahos redneck misconceptions & think we are a bunch of gun toting lynyrd skynyrd listening hillbillys. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/jamies...ml?source=mypi http://werealotlikeyou.com/
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