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Other great things about NZ; The option of sole midwifery care ( well, there arent alot of doctors who do this now anyway) Maternity care is largely free Most parts of the country are in driveable distance- even the ferry doesnt take long between islands. My husband can be reasonably safe on the beat without the constant threat of some coked out idiot blowing him away. But having said all that, our health system is a shambles and the drug problem is...
Whats all this about declawing?? Why on earth any vet would do such a thing to a cat is beyond me! I've never heard of this practice over here- I expect its because people dont want their furniture scratched or some other pathetic thing. Bleh!
ITA, Sofiamomma. And also if there are a number of children to consider, not just the one, cicumstances may be different.
Mamaduck, you could go and get his adenoids checked out- there could be a correlation between the snoring and the eating thing. I must tell my son a million times a day to eat with his mouth closed and not to shovel the food in- it's also a bit of a guy thing I'm thinking.....
I think it is fair to say what candiland has said, because we only know how WE would react in any situation, given the benefit of our own experiences and perceptions- we cant tell why people do the things they do merely by observing them- it goes deeper than that.
Do you guys even believe that people are crass enough to make a movie out of this??? And yeah, ITA, staged!
Well, I guess I'll go and hide all the sharp objects since my kids are only 15 months apart! Where do they find these people???:
And a happy midsummer from this side of the world! People dont seem to like it when I say that its the wrong time of the year for christmas trees......heehee!
You could try a bargaining chip such as a doll etc that they could pick out at the shops to replace the old comforter and then they could ceremoniously throw them in the bin and get the new toy as a replacement. It worked for me.
Don't worry about using your inhaler during pregnancy! In fact, the same stuff is given in much larger doses when there is a threatened early birth.Im an asthmatic myself and I used my inhaler quite often throughout both my pregnancies with no worries. You may find as the baby grows and pushes on your internals you will feel really short of breath, but have no fear- the baby is getting all the good air! Good luck!
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