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Hi everyone. I haven't been keeping up on the thread lately, but after a hiatus of a few months I have been guided to start benefiting from flower essences again. I'm currently taking Red Chestnut and have been seeing dramatic and wonderful results. It's funny how I never quite knows what to expect when I start taking a particular essence, but how perfectly everything works out after I do. This time around I had some fear (and actually visualizing fearful scenarios...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes Oh, no problem! It's been a stressful few days and the sulfur has blown our way, so I'm sure that's what my problem is. Things were going too well. Ahh, the sulfur I read about that. I was wondering what sort of effect that would have on people. Sorry to hear you're having stressful days bigeyes.
Quote: Originally Posted by muttmom92 Do you see any significance for me with the numbers 11:11? I've been seeing them on the clock for over 1 year now. When it first started happening, I would wake up from my sleep, look at the clock and it never failed that the numbers were 11:11. This was happening every night. In the morning I'll just happen to look up at the clock and it's 11:11. My DH thinks now that I'm looking for it, of course I see it. Maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes It's a food issue....I don't know if it's related to being hungry, or something they ate causing a reaction, but it's related to food. I'm also getting the possibility of nightmares, but I don't know if food issues can be related to that or if it's coincidental. That was the case w/ my son when he was about 18 months old. He was having nightmares and carrots were causing it. He still wakes up crying w/...
What is causing my mom to shake?(tremor) I can pm her name. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by MittensKittens My DD has had a couple of accidents during the night lately. i'd like to get the mattress completely clean. I wonder what other moms use? bio-kleen bac-out is the best!
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony Or try the shower, my toddlers have always loved a shower more then a bath. : We have showered w/ ds since he was very young. Might not be so scary w/ you in there too.
Sent the email and thank you for posting this. We never watch commercials so we would have never known. Someone at BK made a really bad decision.
I would refute as long as they don't intend to close the account after the balance is paid. Some companies are doing that right now, so I would check to make sure as a closed account and a lower amount of available credit will hurt you. I am not aware that rising interest rates will harm your score. If you can refute, keep the account open and move the balance to a lower interest card, I think that would be the best option. I would also call them and ask what if...
I usually end up finding things at Eddie Bauer and some of the regional outdoorsy places. I like shopping the consignment stores once or twice a year too.
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