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A Maserati. I'll be happy with Starbucks gift cards.
Our family bed includes myself, DH, and our 5 yr old. Some nights the 7 yr old joins us. It's a good thing we have a king sized bed. The 9 yr old occasionally comes and sleeps on our floor. The 11 yr old, is almost always in her own bed. We have 5 bedrooms, but apparently, the one where mom and dad sleep is the best!
That stinks that it was so bad... But, ya know, if the interview was such (who says something about clothes or smoking in a freaking interview?) then it's probably for the best that you don't join that company. As in, it's for your own best interest to look elsewhere; somewhere with better moral and tact. I'm sure you did you're best - so just know, if you didn't make the cut: it's not you; it's them. You'll better off elsewhere, I'm sure!
I've had good luck with gymboree's slim jeans, too.
My DD is 11 and definitely a "preteen". She's been once since like 8 or 9, I swear. She's almost teen like now at 11.5 and in middle school. *sigh*. That said, my oldest DS is 9 and I don't think of him as a preteen quite yet. Maybe boys are different, though. I feel like he's still a little boy, in many ways. I also agree that there is a huge difference in preteen and teen, and it would be nice to have forums to represent that. But, we've asked for a "preschool"...
Curiously wondering this, too. My DS with the ongoing speech issues also has asthma and has been hospitalized for it, including just last week with pneumonia.
My oldest DS stuttered quite a bit when he was 3/4/5 years old. I worried about it, briefly, and had a speech consult and evaluation done only for them to say it was developmentally normal. They said they would reevaluate him and go from there. He's 9.5 now, and doesn't stutter at all. I think he outgrew it somewhere between 5.5-6 years old, if I'm remembering correctly. Regarding speech therapy - I have another son who has been in speech for going on 4 years now...
I'm working full-time and going to school part-time. I was registered for 12 credits this semester, but dropped two classes. I was overwhelmed. This is the first time I have worked full-time after being a SAHM for a decade. I couldn't hang doing both full-time with four kids and a husband... I do have plans to take a full load next semester, though, but they will be easier classes and I will be more into the swing at things with my job (I only started working there in...
I would at least 3 dinners a week. Plus weekends (which, I really don't have an excuse for since we both work M-F). DH and I also eat out for lunch every week day, and I buy coffee, etc., every morning. The kids all buy lunch at school. *sigh*. I only starting working full-time in May after staying at home for 10 years. I guess I'm not adjusting well with regards to cooking meals and preparing lunches since the change in life. Part of the take-out/dinner out thing is...
I don't know why this is in the homeschooling section, but 3 out of 4 of my kids are in Montessori and they have very little assigned homework.
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