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We have a big jacuzzi tub (that doesn't really get used much ), but I guess I'd go with a pool. A pool that includes cleaning/maintenance/cute pool boy so I don't have to deal with it. A pool house would be nice, too. My neighbors had one built and it's really nice. That and a wall around our property for more privacy than the coyote fence gives us now (then I could hypothetically swim nude. ) A lot of "luxuries" our house has that I would have imagined as awesome...
BTDT - with three small children, and I would never, never wish to go back. I know people do it, and make it work, but I suffered through a yr and a half of it and hated every minute. Now, years later, we have 3,000 sq ft, 1/2 an acre of land, 5 beds/3 baths and our quality of life is like a million times better. Admittedly, it's not only the space that makes such a huge difference (but a complete change in location, lifestyle, finances, etc.). BUT, even if everything...
Unless you teach turtles, teaching is not slow-paced. You could move to New Mexico. We're all on Indian Time. (Not meaning to offend anyone, I love where I live and LOVE my job in non-profit helping families -- but the term is sorta a well-recieved joke here. The pace of life and getting other businesses to work with you is always very slooooow going... ) Like a PP, I'm a family advocate working with parents and young children. It is nice to schedule home visits when...
What about a 504 plan? My DS had an IEP, but eventually qualified for a 504 plan due to health related issues. I think that's the big difference between the two. IEP is more learning disabilities (and stuff like speech, OT, etc.) where a 504 is good if it's a physical or health thing. They have to accommodate, regardless, even when it's a "potty trained only" program.
Yeah - as of July 20th the exemption form has changed to such that you need a religious reasoning to be approved by the health department. We just realized this after my DH drove up to SF with notorized documents (yesterday). You now have to explain your religious beliefs to be granted the exemption. It's frustrating with school starting so soon, to say the least.
These electric bills are shocking me! The bill I got today is $465. I might be brave enough to post a budget soon. Maybe.
In NM, exemptions are only good for 9 months (so, a school year), and have to be notarized and then approved by the health department. I know you are in SC; just mentioning this because I'm assuming it's the norm in most states to re-new yearly.
I think it's normal and understandable that your mom does *not* want to commit to staying the night once a week and providing free childcare while you work the following day. That's really a lot to ask of someone - even a doting grandparent. I don't think your irritation is justified, OP. it's an unfair assumption to think she'd want to rearrange her life and schedule to do this. It's entirely different to find time to hang out with the grandkid, on occasion - even...
We haven't watched a single minute of the olympics this year... and I can't recall the last time (maybe many many years ago as a child), where I watched any of the Olympics. Maybe I'm weird, but I have zero interest.
This is normal! You might feel movements, for sure movement, one day, and then not again for several days after. I think it's kinda a crapshoot, of sorts, for the first several weeks you feel that for sure movement. As much as you crave it, it comes and goes. Later on, say, 28+ weeks or so, you will feel it super crazy frequently and you'll know when it's a possible concern if a day or so has gone by w/o feeling anything. For now, though, enjoy the flutters as they come.
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