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I feel like any month tandem nursing should = x2. But, really, what I wanna say, is each month nursing is a huge gold star of awesomeness. Every day is a challenge, and as nursing moms, you should feel immense pride and success for being able to breastfeed anytime at all. For World Breasfeeding Month - each day is a success. Or a challenge. Or a triumph. Giving yourself to nourish another human being is an immensely hard challenge, to say the least. For...
I also wouldn't expect it to be free. Certainly not after 3 years. If you ever saw my DH's dental bills, $50 is a steal.
61 months, if I'm doing the math right. That includes tandem nursing for a year.
The wanting "just one more" never went away for me. Each time my babies were a year old I just had to have another. Now I have four kids (who are far from babies *sniff* ages 5, 7, 9, and 11). The only reason we don't have anymore is that we haven't been successful at getting pregnant again/. I'm fairly positive that even if we had 5-6, I'd still want more. I also love pregnancy and babies -- birth, it's exciting, but mine were all c-sections so I can't say I love...
Yes, I would bring the kid. We were at Sublime last weekend and there was a family in front of us with their 9 yo DD. as much as I enjoyed a night away from the kids, it made me wish my oldest was there with us. My kids have seen their dad play at outdoor venues and they rocked out like everyone else (though, no circle pits - lol).
Oh, and smart phones don't have to cost $400 (this is to a pp). My DS's iPhone was .99 cents, as it was an see model and we signed a two year contract. We've done the pre-paid phone before, and I promise it is much cheaper to add a line and share minutes than pay per the minute (and text -- texts are expensive if you don't have a plan).
My older twokids have cell phones (ages 9 and 11). An iPhone, even. They have iPod touches, too. I really don't care if others think it's ridiculous. Not their kids. . It's what works in our family, and is not a big deal at all.
Your LL sounds nice to offer to clean w/o harsh soaps/chemicals. I'd just have that done and call it a day. I hate carpet. I dream of a house with not one inch of it.
Wow, yes, call the mom. I do think you are awesome and caring (your DH, too -- mine gets irritated when the neighbor girl is here for more than a day or two in a row). But I worry that if you just keep her, for any longer, without contacting mom and/or child protection, etc., that things could go even more badly than if you do it now. I can't imagine not contacting the mom after 24 hrs... Even with the history, almost a month is crazy. It's not fair to the kid.
My baby will be in kindergarten next month. It's not a huge deal to me, or him, bc it will be his 3rd year in the same classroom (Montessori). He's already been going full-day, and his teacher and most of his classmates will be the same. The next yr will be more eventful since he'll move on as a 1st grader in a 6-9 yo classroom. He's my 4th kid, so that's also why starting K isn't a sad or scary thing for me.
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