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Congrats! And welcome back!
Pretty sure she was banned.
I miss choli. I haven't seen any of her posts lately. :.(
Where did Satori go?
Why does this person need to live with you?I wouldn't say it's BS or that you should be PO'd at the adoption agency for making this decision; be mad about your roommate's lifestyle and your decision making skills to keep cohabitating with this particular individual during the adoption process.Oh, and welcome.
As to the OP: I was a SAHM for 10 years with 4 children. They were mostly with me, or DH, as babies. But, they happily stayed with grandma or MIL when we wanted a night out or when I'd go see Dh's band play. I am glad we were okay with this (and honestly, for our relationship and my personal sanity, we should have done it more - with a paid babysitter, even). Now, they are big kids - 11, 9, 7, and 5 - a I'll gladly let anyone who can handle them take them (please!)...
And by desperate, I mean traveling out of town in the middle of the night somewhere that didn't have a 24-hr Walmart, etc. Tiny packs of disposable wipes are pricey, too!
Single diapers at gas stations are expensive! BTDT, and they are a lot more than the .25 cents they are worth in a pack. I'm sure we've paid $3-4 for one, in desperate times.
Oh, Lisa. I wish you wouldn't feel depressed about this. He sounds like an intense kid - similar to one of my 3 boys, or my DD at times, fwiw. I can't tell you if he needs more structure or guidance or therapy or meds - b/c, I don't know him and am not a know-it-all-expert. But I know that parenting certain growning boys is rough, to put it mildly. You are the best mom he has. Remember that. All I know is with my kids, they need a whole lot of separation from each...
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