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1-3 yr olds don't understand the concept of sharing. Toddlers are (rightfully so) super egocentric. It's completely developmentally normal. I would not force or even actively encourage an 18 month old to share. They lack that empathy needed to understand how others feel. It's enough for them to get their own emotions in check at that age.
Wait, strollers for 8 yo's is mainstream?
Man-up, 8 yr old! Or no Mickey Mouse for you.
I agree, Bokonon. My 7 yr old, who has been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld, tires easily after a lot of physical activity. He also happens to have asthma, and needs to rest his body frequently to not trigger an episode.Not all 8 yr old's, even those without special needs, are comfortable walking all.day.long. That is what Disney entails. Plus heat and excitement and sensory overload - even for the most "average" kiddo.Using a stroller when needed isn't going to...
Rent a stroller to use as-needed while at Disney. I don't see the big deal. It's a lot of walking. Most 8 yo's would only ride occasionally, when tired. They want to be free to walk around and explore. I really doubt it's a being lazy or catered to thing.
We're very CNM friendly here in NM. There are more practicing MW's than OB's in our state. In my city, most hospital births are attended by CNM's.
No regrets here by having a 4th. I was 27 when he was born (he's now 5 *sniff*). Best of luck deciding!
Congratulations! How exciting, but also a bit nerve wracking. Have you told your DH yet?
Best of luck to you both! I wasn't listing the dietitian website for job hunting (I never even looked at that area), but for the discussion posts. It's not too active, but I found it to be the most active RD forum. There's a student section- though, again, it doesn't have tons of recent posts. I would definitely talk to an advisor who is actually part of the dietetics program (vs one who does general student advising), to get a feel for how competitive the internship...
New Posts  All Forums: