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Holly! Congrats on your pregnancy. I've been thinking about you and your family a lot lately.
This is hard for me to admit, 'cause I have major sunscreen woo, but I bought a couple cans of that chemical-laden spray on sunscreen for my kids to keep at summer camp. It's what the YMCA asked for, as its easy for counselors to apply. Im all about CA Baby or other more natural physical blockers, but im worried they wont apply them properly, so after the first week of camp I sucked it up and bought the nasty stuff.
Drive-thru smoothies? If that is equivalent to Sonic's slushies - welp, count me guilty. This is my kids' 1st week of Summer Camp (through the YMCA) and they run them ragged. Tons of time outside in the desert sun. So, for the past Two days, on the way home from said exhausting summer camp, I've let my kids talk me into the Sonic drive-thru to cool them off. So conveniently on the route home. *I* wouldn't dream of taking a sil of their slushies, b/c artificial...
I can't "like" on my phone for some reason. But, Like, Peony. I wanna hang out w/you.
Same here. Me, too. When my first was born, I knew nothing of so-called AP or crunch.. And I wasn't on any message boards. I did what I did b/c it was instinct (and what I had learned from my mon - who I know now would qualify as crunch/AP extreme. ;-)).It was only until fairly recently that I realized that there was an us-vs-them mentality among some circles. No could give a $hit now. I know a lot of it doesn't matter in the grande scheme (though it might when you...
I'm wondering where these pro-c-section or talking down to AP moms threads are? I'm serious -- provide a link. We've got your back. Seriously. This is still Mothering, so no one should feel attacked for their parenting choices, as long as its not abusive. Whether that means co-sleeping till 7 or gently trying to night wean an 18 month old. There needs to be room here, and acceptance, for all of our issues.
My kids took lunchables to summer camp today.
I use disposable pull-ups on my 5 yo at night. No shame, here (though i love cloth diapers and used to be a bit obsessed with them). But my kid might wet the bed once or twice a week, so washing one or two seems silly. Plus he's too big for even the L sizes. He does still co-sleep with us (crunch points! Lol), and I don't want pee on my bed. A bonus: I don't have a problem with spongebob.
Or, that you would have kept quiet about back in the "good old days" aka super crunchy MDC? (just sayin' since I know many think those days are gone.) I don't mean this to be a whole are you crunchy/AP enough war, but more lighthearted. For example, I used to be a lot more hardcore about nutrition and organic/whole foods -- but I guess as time has passed and life has gotten busier and my children have grown, I've relaxed quite a bit. So, I'll admit this here, now: ...
Yeah, I doubt that's the case -- tons of posts about how great elective c-sections are - you know, everyone should go for one! . And the nice thing about message boards is you don't have to click on every thread title. Skip was doesn't interest you - for me, that would include topics such as family cloth and Waldorf. There are still many like-minded members here. But maybe that happens to include those who buy Fruit Loops every once in awhile.
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