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Soul-crushing seems like such an extreme phrase to use regarding living in suburbia. I would have never described it like that, but obviously everyone feels differently. I grew up in Northglenn, CO - so the suburbs north of Denver. My mom still lives in her 3-story house that is one of about 5 floorplans in the neighborhood. Except here's the thing, it is absolutely a walkable area (though it wasn't always). Grocery store, gas station, liquor store, schools, a huge...
I agree with going to school online. You'll qualify for the full pell grant, so you won't have to pay anything for school (especially community college), an you'll both be 'doing something' without the need for childcare, and should qualify for other types of assistance. Hope it works out for you.
WCM, in you situation, I would absolutely plan on gong to school (both you and your DH). If his potential earning power now is less than 20K a year, you'll probably never survive - especially with more kids - and will be stuck living in that awful basement of your MIL's. You can always homestead and live off the grid later in life (really, at 20 years, you are still a baby). I don't know, maybe it's just me... But I've already had 4 kids and am 11 years older than you. ...
I have never kept track of who called last - though my DH is weird like that and does so w/his dad (uses it as an excuse not to call him - not the best relationship there). I hope others don't - my sister calls me 99% ofthe time, just to say hi and see how it's going. I kinda count on it, to stay in touch with her (besides FB and emails as we live out-of-state). Maybe I should be the one to call, though like others I really don't like talking on the phone. It's...
My almost 6 year old has encopresis, so I feel your pain. He'll go some time w/o pooping in his pants, and then will start it up again. Very frustrating. You say it is a pain to clean out of her pants (I know that very well), but what about using pull-ups? I do when we are on longer outings, or out of town - b/c I know it will be worse than when we are at home. People might say by using diapers/pull-ups that it's only encouraging this behavior, but those people maybe...
I pretty much never have any cash in my purse.  I use my debit card for everything.  Sometimes I do have some cash (like right now) b/c it was given to me by someone for whatever reason.   If I couldn't take my debit card with me, as in your situation where you leave it at home, I would probably want at least $40 on me at all times. 
  I wear these keens a lot. I don't care if there is snow - they are so comfy I wear them anyway. http://iphone.zappos.com/keen-golden-ballerina-black
Another thing is that the 2011 has an optional 7 seat (really small, but still an extra seat belt).
 My kids stream hundreds of tv shows/movies every month via netflix, so for us it's absolutely worth the $9 a month. There are tons of good series: weeds, Dexter, Jericho, Tudors, breaking bad, the office and so on; I wouldn't cancel it just yet - look around (they also add new stuff frequently).. If we want something newer we either do redbox or on demand from directTV.
 I was also going to suggest gymboree. Lots of cute stuff there (as well as Janie & Jack).
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