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He was just over 2 years when he first wrote his name.
Interesting!!! Thank you!
If it's not too much trouble, I have a few questions for you. 1) I'm 38 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up (professionally). Do you see anything? 2) I have an overwhelming feeling that another child will be coming into our lives but I don't feel that I will be giving birth to this child. Do you see this too? Can you see anymore details on this? 3) And a vague one - Is this nothing serious, like they all tell me, or should I continue to push...
My 3 year old's favorite... Knock knock Who's there? Apple Apple who? Apple POO So yeah - all about the poo and pee here too.
We had a bout with some sort of Rotovirus/Norwalkian type thing and it was the same. Sort of a weird yellowy (dijon mustard is the perfect description) diahrrea.
Hand, foot and mouth can manifest as red blisters in the genital region. That was my first thought over herpes for his age group. Has he been sick at all? Fever or anything like that?
Wow thanks everyone - there is some great information to ponder. I appreciate all of your answers. ZFooFoo - I love the idea of putting his dishes in an accessible place for him. He loves to help me put away dishes and I think he'd really like this.
Our two year old boy still co-sleeps with me and we have set up our second bedroom more like a big playroom but he doesn't have a bedroom - per say. We are currently looking at moving to a new house and I'm thinking about how to set up our arrangement there. I want to co-sleep until he decides he needs his own space. I just wondered what other co-sleeping families are doing. Does your DC have a room that is "theirs" or do you share all your space with each other like...
My DS will be two next month. He's big into pretend play right now and it takes a variety of forms. He really likes to pretend to cook - will drag out all the pots and pans and cook us dinner. He's been doing that since he was about 18 months (I think). He has a play garage that he rolls cars up to and pretends to buy ice cream (it has an ice cream stand on the side) - one buying, one selling. He makes his little Battat people talk to each other, acts out family...
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to successfully floss a toddler or teach/help them floss themselves?
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