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The link is for Miracel Diapers, who have a application for families in need of diapers who can not afford them, I think this may be what you are refering to? http://www.miraclediapers.org/ Dee
that is you can get cheaper CD'ers on the Trading post IF you have 50 posts I am working on it, by the time I get 50 posts, I will have scrounged up my stash! Dee
Dont know what to tell you on the sale, but I am Brand spankin new to CD so i am interested in buying your stash, so I can try out different types of nappies? Dee
I have washed them about 6 times, is that enough? and line dried in between. is that what you mean? Dee
no matter what system I use, pf, aio, pockets, when ever I change diaper, i HAVE to change all his clothes, sometimes I think it is cause he oversoaks, but how often am i suppsed to change a newborn? the BF poops are fine, I didnt get any liners, so I have put some pieces of knit to catch it, not too effective, but so far nothing I am doing is.... HELP!!! dee:
Where I live in MO. alternative housing is a big thing, many do mobile /modular/ manufactured. BUT I just toured a house that was on a HUGE lot for $9,900! That is NOT a typo! Go here and see : http://www.heartrealestate.com/ListN...ults.aspx?NF=1 That being said you can also build a straw bale house, and land here is going for 2-3k an acre. so You can get a nice peice of land, and build a home for $75,000. Good luck!
I have used so many different kinds of slings, and was given this one that I will never go without again! It is called a moby wrap. You can get it online at mobywrap. com basically it is 5 meters in length, and apx 20 inche in width. made of knit with the grain going horizontal. Check it out you can wear it 100 different ways! Dee
you were probably looking for an electric, but the hand pump ISIS by aveda is a very goodone, with the most natural feeling letdown. I would be inclined to buy the new Electric ISIS if I needed something other than an occasional pump. Dee
I am new to MO, we moved here just before our son was born, and while he is NOT Circ'd, the midwife made a stink, and said that unless I vax'd and did the Vit K ointment, NO Dr. in the area would Circ my child, Hey, no prob, as we chose to do neither! Dee
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