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We don't buy leather shoes for ds (almost 14 mos) either, so we've got lots of experience in the veggie-shoe market. Keds are available in canvas, but not much cheaper than Stride Rite (though we found some canvas Stride Rites in size 5 at Marshalls for $15 which should fit him by midsummer). Right now ds (a hardcore walker at this point) wears pretty good size 4 Keds knockoffs that we got for $8 at the evil and dreaded Babies'R'Us. We got these other shoes called...
We're in a similar situation -- dh is lacto-ovo-veg; I'm not, although I spent several years as one. For dh this is a serious ethical issue, and we keep a vegetarian household, down to using free-range organic eggs and avoiding any cheeses that could possibly contain animal rennet. I do crave meat or seafood occasionally and sometimes eat it when we go out, although I agree with dh that there are serious moral implications to meat-eating that ds isn't capable of figuring...
Sweet and spicy soy jerky chunks. Completely vegetarian and completely addictive! http://www.vegecyber.com/cgi-bin/veg...i?detail=10381
There are absorbent pads you can buy that are vinyl on one side and fluffy fabric on the other. They are meant to cover a a crib mattress, but we always keep one across the mattress, under the sheet, at about boob level. They saved us several times during our son's spit-up-a-thon, which went from when he was about 4 months old to about six months. Also helped catch leaky boob drips. We're past the major spitups now, but I still put them on the bed, just in case.
In the land of Italians are a sandwich, garbage bags are blue, and Allen's Coffee Brandy.
Christi, The gluten is not removed, just the bran, the outer coating of the wheat grain, which contains fiber, oil and minerals that white flour lacks. Different kinds of wheat flour have different amounts of protein (i.e.,gluten), starch and sugars, which means that substituting one kind of flour for another in recipes will give different results depending on the composition of the flour. Check the package, if it's available, and it will tell you the percentage of...
Buffy. And I don't think I'm the only one, am I?
Another one here! Yayyyyyy DH!
Bunny, Yes, teething does go on for weeks. And months. Ds (9 mos) now has about 7 teeth, so we're starting to recognize the pattern. One way to tell if that is what's causing the waking behavior, if you're willing to give her medication: give her a dose of baby motrin about an hour before bedtime. This works wonders for my frequently-waking, seriously teething ds, and will usually allow him to sleep for 2-3 hours at a stretch, rather than the 15 minutes he does...
Perfectly normal. Nobody told me that milk comes out from all over the nipple -- I thought it just came out a hole in the middle. I was sure surprised when my milk came out in numerous jets. My nipples are like miniature shower heads!
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