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I have a 4 y.o. daughter with neuromuscular issues, and I'm 4.5 months pregnant. We have a small SUV. It is starting to get difficult for me to get her into her carseat. I've thought about a stepstool and a minivan [for other reasons too] but would like to try to problem-solve this if possible. The stepstool would help get her upto the car, but the angle to get her in to her seat from there is difficult between my belly, the door not opening all the way, and her long...
Thank you. I am looking for something foldable [so I can pack it in a suitcase]. A conventional one will meet our needs, I'm just not sure which conventional one! Thanks much.
I am looking for a portable, foldable hook-on booster seat for restaurant eating. It needs the high back to support my daughter's low tone & a strap between the legs. I've seen Munchkin & Regalo. I bought the Munchkin monkey one & it's okay but slants forward plus it doesn't work on tables with high skirts. Any other recommendations? Thank you!!
So, how do I attach that to the sweater? Sew it by hand? With a whip-stitch? Can I use fabric or does it have to be thin sweater knit? Thanks Pamela
I know this isn't exactly yarn crafting, but this is the only place that comes to mind for this kind of help ... My husband has a couple of cashmere sweaters that are rather thin and have worn-through at the elbow. Problem is that he wore them with the holes, so they're too big to darn. How could I patch them? Thanks much!
Yes, it's chunky. What's a basketweave? And now I cannot find my Vogue book ... argh!
I want to make a scarf for my sister. I bought some Alpaca Soft yarn, 4 skeins, and size 10 needles. I started with a garter stitch and that doesn't look right, I don't think. I ordered a couple books from the library but I'm on a hold list so I won't have them before my trip ... When I say beginner, I mean I know how to knit and purl. But I have the Vogue knitting book, so I can figure out other stuff. Any ideas? Thanks!
Any pictures of what it looks like in the end? Is it really narrow ribbon in order to go around the end or how are the curves handled? Thanks!
Is this what you mean by Bauhaus? http://www.bauhaususa.com/
I checked Ikea, but almost all of their furniture has some pressed-board [like particleboard] components. I Asked Anna on their website but that didn't give me anything except the party line about supporting farmed wood and saying they use farmed wood and compressed wood products like plywood and particleboard. I sent a separate email to them asking if they use some kind of toxin-free glue or something in their particleboard, but I haven't heard anything back. As far as...
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