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I had an echocardiogram for 2 of my kids (both of whom turned out to be fine), but my 5th was born wit a congenital heart defect. His specific one is rarely caught on ultrasound, and therefore deadlier than it "needs" to be. CHDs affect approximately 1 out of every 100 babies, so if there is a chance there is an issue is is worth checking it out and being aware. The good news is we are in the day and age of open heart surgery, and kids who wouldn't have had a chance just a...
Cheerios. Also sandwiches. He usually has oatmeal every day, but I give it to him for supper (we have our main meal at lunch).
How long is the therapy? How long has she been with you? Is she great otherwise? Does she get any breaks over the course of the day (you said she does things for you when the kids are out, but does she get lunch hour or a break?).   She's watching your kids. If things are great otherwise I wouldn't fuss over a couple of hours a week. Maybe she can work through her other breaks to make up the hours, or stay late once or twice a week (how many hours could it be to go to...
Love chickpeas! Perfect for winter. Make a hearty veggie soup (potatoes, carrots, onions, chicken if you want). Add the chickpeas and serve over couscous. Yum!
My son is 13.5 months. He just started taking a few steps here and there and is also a huge crawler & climber. My other kids walked between 15 & 20 months so for my kids he is on the early side.
We see a group of family doctors. Even my CHD baby was seen by them even right after his surgery. Not strange at all.
One of my twins had this. We had an echo gram just to be sure but thank G/d she is a happy healthy 9 year old today
We also have bunk beds, and the other room has a loft and a single. Everyone is playing musical beds all the time so no help there but some sympathy. I think you should let your older one sleep down if she wants to (all of mine went through phases where they hated the bunk) and work on getting the younger one calmly to bed. The other option is to try to get one of them to sleep before the other, but that never worked well in my experience.
Yes, my kids usually want to go if they are invited, but here gifts are optional, or at most $2 so it's not such an expensive proposition.
I know I can't be the only "1 in 100" mother out there. Stand up and be counted! What are you doing for CHD awareness week? How is your LO doing?
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