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Quote: I also prop feed. I prop my breast in DS’s mouth and I go back to sleep I do the same thing I cannot believe that people would use a contraption like that (well, I guess I can believe it). How freakin' lazy can you get. I am disgusted and will say so if I ever see someone using one.
I, too, work full-time outside the home. I really don't feel guilty, but that is because she is always with family. We are fortunate enough not to have to rely on daycare. I work early and get off work about 3ish and dh works late afternoon and doesn't have to be in until 1p. We just have a babysitter for about 3 hours in the afternoon and it is either one of dd's two grandmothers or one of my aunts. It works great and she gets to have weekly interaction with her...
I'm pregnant with #2 due 01Mar03, but I'm going to try to hold out for March 3rd. How cool to have a birthday 03-03-03?!?! Like I can actually plan that, it is just a dream.
I love Sex and the City (dh hates it) I love, love, loved that Miranda is bfing. I know it isn't going to be a major theme on the show or anything, but I believe television like that really does influence people and hopefully, that will make others see it as a natural, normal thing ~ cuz it is I thought the season premier was great, I finally just got to see it last night so I am late on this. Pretty funny that almost all the girls showed thier tatas
For sure, Amadeus is my favorite. I also loved Dangerous Liasons, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet and the Romeo and Juliet with Olivia Hussy and Juliet. I saw that in Freshman English class and have been a Shakespeare addict since.
I love breastfeeding and babywearing too and everything else about AP, but there is nothing like waking up next to that little warm little biscuit and giving her kisses last thing before I go to bed and 1st thing in the morning. At first, we did it just for convenience sake, then we couldn't figure out why everyone doesn't do it, but, then again, I have to shake my head at most mainstream stuff.
We sign with our 14 month old. It is so cute and our friends are pretty impressed We started at about 8-9 months as well. Currently, she knows please, thank you, dog, hungry, drink, milk, all done, sleep and help . I initially used the BabySigns book, but found this website to be most helpful: http://dww.deafworldweb.org/asl/ Along the left-hand column, under the signs category, there is a baby sign link.
I don't know your plans for getting around while in France, but I highly recommend a backpack for carrying him around. We have the Kelty Elite model and it is AWESOME! Both dh and I can use it with ease, it keeps both of our hands free and dd is very close to us. She also never gets bored in with looking around and we can talk to her and tell her about everything with her right at the same eye level we are at. Good luck and have a wonderful trip!
Quote: Originally posted by CanOBeans My all-time fave CD has been the same one for about ten years since I first heard it -- not the slightest bit tired of it yet -- Van Morrison's Avalon Sunset. I luuuuurrrve it! OMG, that is my favorite cd!!! I actually love anything by Van Morrison and have 22 of his cds in my collection so far, but that is my favorite. I could listen to These are the Days and Whenver God Shines His Light a million-trillion...
I've read everything Anne Rice has written, even the stuff she wrote as Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure (those Sleeping Beauty books are very naughty). I am a huge fan! I even went by her house and stopped into her store in New Orleans when I was there December 2000. I am not into her new stuff as much as her older work, but it is all good. The Witching Hour will probably always be my favorite, but Cry to Heaven, The Feast of All Saints and Servant of the Bones are...
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