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If you've been down in the dumps, maybe you're giving off a "stay away" type of vibe that people are responding to. I know when I get the blues I'll sometimes project what I am feeling onto those in my life. Then I really wallow, because on top of whatever was bothering me to begin with, I get upset because everyone seems unhappy with me. Of course, when I snap out of my mood, I see how ridiculous it all is.
I'm looking for ideas for middle names for Caroline...my first daughter's middle name is Elizabeth, so that's out. I just haven't thought of anything I really love yet. Any suggestions appreciated. :
Quote: Originally Posted by NEWUC'ER Any one have any info on Kansas? My kids are fully vaxed except for the chickenpox and I refuse to make them have this before they go to kindergarten. How do I claim religous or medical if this is the only one they are not getting? Neither one has had the pox. thanks Do not give the school any vax records...simply claim the religious exemption. They won't know that you did some vaxes; it'll seem like...
My parents are miserable people. Not specifically to me, but in general...they are very negative, like to talk about people, don't appreciate what they have...always griping and grumpy. Even when they compliment my baby, for example, they can't just say that she's sweet or nice or whatever; it always has to be at the expense of someone else...my daughter isn't just pretty, she has to be prettier than so and so's baby, and not in a nice way. Every time my husband and I go...
I'd appreciate any input...I am doing a paper for a general health class; my focus is a general overview of a holistic or natural lifestyle. To me, a holistic lifestyle would be comprised of (these will be my subtopics): *healthy nutrition (including organic, high-quality foods, supplements if necessary) *regular exercise *stress management (meditation and other relaxation techniques, supplementation as opposed to medication) *environmental - using products...
Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly We are going to visit them this coming weekend so maybe I'll be manipulative ( ) and mention that we really want to send him but we can't afford it. I hope you're kidding here! How about a standard, run of the mill job (maybe retail) whenever your husband isn't working, so he can be home with the kids.
When I was in 7th grade, I won a paperback book from a mail-in contest in Teen Beat magazine. That's seriously it ...anyone with better luck than mine?
Rosie's snit started me thinking hypothetically: what would happen if every non-nursing parent got so jealous that they pressured/forced the nursing partner to stop? Gay or straight, there will be one member of the parenting pair who doesn't nurse. As parents, we are ADULTS. Shouldn't an adult be selfless enough to put aside his/her feelings in deference to what is BEST FOR THE CHILD? Isn't that what we signed up for as parents??
waxing the small of dh's back...something about ripping all of that hair away that makes me feel powerful...lol
I have a suggestion for helping this girl work through her grief: journaling. Take her to a store, and have her pick out a journal that is a style that her mother would have loved. She can keep the journal as a series of letters to her mother, expressing her grief and how she misses her, but hopefully in time she'll come to share the happy experiences and achievements she has in her life. She can read it aloud at times, perhaps even at her mother's gravesite when she's...
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