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  I agree with you about tracking my calories. I can't figure out if it's that I'm eating too much or not enough or if something else is going on. I feel like my calorie intake has decreased a bunch since I stopped nursing my son but I could be wrong.   I honestly hate the idea of tracking everything I eat though. I have to measure out every gram (literally) that my son eats due to his metabolic disorder (PKU) so the thought of doing it for me too makes me feel a little...
For the past 1.5 years I've been working out 3-6 days a week. Four months ago I started lifting heavy (I was doing mostly cardio before with some light lifting) for an hour 6 days a week and doing an hour of cardio once or twice a week. I do not keep track of how many calories I eat but I'm vegan and eat a whole foods diet.
I also have a child with PKU and I'm so very grateful for the newborn screening. Had he not been screened he would have suffered severe mental retardation by the age of 1.    
Hi,   I weaned my 2-year old almost three weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the weight to come off. After I gave birth I lost 8 lbs. right away but I haven't lost any weight since. With my other two it was the same way. I lost weight initially and then my weight did not budge no matter how much or how hard I worked out. With all three I weighed the same after the initial weight loss so it seems my body liked that weight while nursing.   However this is the...
I hate stevia so Sun Warrior and Vega are out for me. I drink Nutribiotic organic rice protein powder which you can find at iherb and Nutivia organic hemp protein powder which I buy in 3lb. bags from vitacost. Out of the two the rice protein has a more mild flavor but hemp has more nutrients such as fiber and omegas. Gram for gram though rice protein powder has more protein.
It's best to treat a newborn who has PKU within a week to prevent too much brain damage. The good news is the chances of your child having PKU is small. Though the PKU test really tests for a huge variety of genetic disorders, not just PKU. Take care!
I found this interesting. 92-year-old still cares for her handicapped daughter (has PKU) http://wvgazette.com/News/200911060554
Some disorders that are tested for not only cause mental retardation but death. There is no reason not to have the test done. If nothing else you are getting piece of mind. I know it may not mean much to most but coming from a mama with a child who has a metabolic disorder (PKU) the test has allowed my son to be treated and live a fairly normal life.
Yes please get it done, preferably 48 hours after birth. Do not wait until your baby is two weeks old because if your baby does have PKU two weeks is a long time and will have suffered some brain damage at that point. The sooner you catch PKU the better the outcome for your child. My son has PKU so I know all about this.
My son has PKU and is the only of my three kids with very pale skin and light eyes. If someone is not treated with a special low phenylalanine diet they can have lighter hair and eyes. Though light hair and eyes isn't the only or universal sign of PKU. I'm surprised the retest is taking so long though. Within a few hours we had our results from the retest. If your baby does have PKU you will most likely have to stop nursing for a week but then you can continue to...
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