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Quote: Originally Posted by LadyMarmalade I have a question - I thought about making it a poll and only asking POC to answer, but I don't think that would work. After reading through all of the threads here I noticed the comment that it's racist for white people to speak for black people ... I can't find the exact quote. Do you - as a black woman - resent white people addressing our problems and our need to confront racism? Because I don't see...
Waldorf uses the blocks, starting in 1st grade (age 7 approx) so you might get some ideas from them. I think people who tend to be obsessive over one topic at a time might do really well with something like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anuska I'm sorry you're not happy about this cielle. Perhaps there is a place of more diversity with concerns that you might have..... that you could frequent. You're right. It's time to stop wasting my time and anger on the internet. I've been spending an unreasonable amount of time on mdc lately, it's bad for me and my family. It's break time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anuska I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to (racism) in the administration of this community. Is this something I should have known? Not necessarily. Discussion of incidents that arise are so supressed that things happen without people knowing. - While other new forums are created, the one for multicultural families still is not: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...d.php?t=437832 - MDC has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Anuska I truly don't get this. How is one to "know" the color of the person behind the post. I talk to many many people here and have NO idea what race they are, nor do I care. This is an important subject Sula, but you cannot assume that most here do know a particular persons race. Especially if they don't frequent here much. I also don't think its right to put anyone down CookieMonster because they admit they don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hera Conceded, however when you're going through this stuff with a 5 year old, it makes more sense to me to take it chronologically. I started with the Big Bang and went on from there, and it was logical to follow. I think it could be confusing to try to cover all of the dinosaur material at the same time as the history material. It's just more school than I'm comfortable with for that age, I guess. A lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural You have an excellent point. I guess it becomes a question of; is it worth the one or two people who will get enlightened in a six month period, to have to deal with the dozen or so that will remain bigots w/o shame? And if it isn't, do we just abandon MDC to the bigots?
Maybe some sort of statement on racism needs to be added to the UA.
Well, I definitely would move dinos over to science. I also think of writing as being the line between history/prehistory. It's not a judgement about the complexity of a society but more a reflection of the techniques used to study each, although historical archaeology is also a big thing now so the lines are definitely getting blurred.
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