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thanks will pass that along. I think that is the one I already suggested. That works!
no one has used a ND in GJ???
yah... we need them sooner than later.. My eldest is 10 already...sigh..
specifically really good with allergies and FTT if possible. I have a friend down there that is fed up with her ped.... and desperately looking for alternative ideas.
sure is quiet over there.... I think I am a member and haven't seen anything posted in forever.
I was just thinking that her menu mailer book comes with recipes...
I think that KerryAnn http:// www.cookingtf.com/mailer.html (link broken) has some good recipes.
I suppose it could be possible... cheese is going to be cultured..where as milk isn't. It could be somethign entirely different as well. Corn, wheat, eggs, nuts...those are all high allergins.
Hi Greenmom4
TF is tradition foods. which is pretty much WAP. I can get the kerrygold butter at my regular grocery store in the speciality cheese section.. It is really expensive though. Sometimes costco carries it.
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