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I'm a licensed family child care provider in california.  A friend of mine, in another county but same regs and licensing, was just told by resource and referal office that her son couldn't attend family child care in california if the provider would have to provide g-tube care.  This doesn't sound right to me, and the licensor of the day hasn't gotten back to me.  I found an old form online from 2000 that is for g-tubes in daycare, including family child care.  Any one...
I use funshine express' curric for children specifically for ages 6-36 months.  It's a lite quarterly curric. with monthly themes.  We have a lot of fun with it.  I can do things with them on my own ofcourse, and I do...it's just that the curric. makes the parents feel better, and it's a pretty lite curric, so I use it in addition to the other things I do.  When I have older kids I use the funshine express regular curric, or the free one at preschoolpalace.org.  I have...
We love plain greek yogurt, but we don't expect it to taste sweet.  I eat it when sourcream would be appropriate.
zorb is like a sponge.  It soaks up the pee fast, but doesn't hold it.  If they sit down it all squeezes out.
Have a place for them to sit and remove their shoes, and a supply of clean slipper socks for them to slip on.  It would bother me to have my feet exposed to other people if I wasn't expecting it, so having clean slippers available might be the difference between me staying and going.  I don't like outside dirt in my house either (we wipe the dog's feet if it's muddy out and she doesn't walk around in public restrooms....PUKE.....) and ask people to remove their shoes.  I...
We have a 1999 saturn SL2 and DD's radian doesn't cover up the seatbelt next to it.  Whatever seat you use, make sure to turn the buckle around so that your kiddo in the booster doesn't accidentally unbuckle the wrong seatbelt.
Oh, I just remembered, Goodnights come in pretty big sizes, and they hold a good amount so if she waits until her bladder is full to eliminated you should still be okay.  They are a bit pricey though.
I used to have an older daycare boy and he used depends.  I think he was in X-smalls after he outgrew size 6 diapers?
Thank you VERY much.  Now that I see the anser it makes total sense and I can show her how to do it.  I can usually figure it out with the examples they give, but sometimes the way I was taught to do things conflicts with how she was taught and I just end up confusing her.
She's factoring polynomials.   when we did X to the 4th - 9 we got (X squared + 3)(x squared + 3)   Here's the one we're stuck on.... -16 + a to the 12th   PLEASE HELP!!!
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