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We use them for frozen fruit for teething, DD LOVES it!
I swore that I wouldn't give them, but she was lunging for food before she was ready for non-mushy things and we didn't always have something appropriate for her on our own plates. She only eats jarred food if what we're having is too spicy, or too chunky/not soft enough for her to have. I'm not sure what fillers ya'll are talking about, but the ingredients on the gerber I buy is veggie, water, absorbic acid. That's it.
Oh, and chux pads are really great for leaking sippy cups too, lol.
I'd use a chux pad or a cloth diaper over a waterproof lap pad. If accidents are infrequent I package of chux pads would last her until she's done with that phase.
donnayoung.org and learningpages.com both have free handwritting worksheets in that script. You can google and find the font to add to your word processor so you can make your own handwritting book pretty easily.
This disgusting snorting and licking mucousy sounds that our pug makes make me gag, add in his breath and...... I just give him a breath mint and keep on loving him, LOL.
You can use them as a fat substitute in most baking recipes. It has to be something that would taste okay with banana though, peanut butter brownies are excellent that way.
Homemaker, though I do it more for my children than my husband. I think they deserve to live in a clean home and have healthy food to eat....dh works 12 hour shifts so that falls more on me than him. He makes the money to make it possible for me to stay home and do childcare for a small number of children in addition to our own.....he takes care of the outside of our home, I take care of the inside.
As soon as it became apparent that the weather was keeping most at home we went from giving out 2 to giving out handfulls, LOL.
Well the woman DIED. Apparently, as the law is written, the parent's can't be sued....so the only option left is to sue the parents (if one thinks they MUST sue). This law needs to be changed!!! The parent was allowing the illegal behavior (bike riding on sidewalk) so the parent should be able to be sued.
New Posts  All Forums: