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Flips disposable inserts are much cheaper than gdiapers, and work in the gdiapers. nm, not anymore.
I hold the diaper over the toiled and give it a good shake to get the solids off. No rinsing necessary. Then I wash in hot water with a very small amount of Liquid Tide. I set my washer to do an extra rinse cycle, and I set it to a bit of a larger load (If I have a small load of diapers I set it to medium load)....because more water gets them cleaner. My diapers don't stink, and I don't worry about stains until I'm putting them away for the next child or getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by treehuggermama I had the opposite experience with it. My dd who has never broke out from anything in her life got HUGE hives from contact with it. And I too was a bit leary about how "natural" it is. We decided to go the Soap Nuts route and not only are they cost efficient but fragrance free. Do you find they work less with time, as the detergent residue rinses out of your washer? They seem to work as well as plain...
Tutu doesn't say princess to me......I know you didn't want "ballerina" but what about "grunge ballerina"?
Quote: Originally Posted by Adasmommy She drew with ballpoint pen on a white bookshelf in the living room. ! toothpaste (NOT gel)
It sounds like a great way to work through what's going on in her life, but they certainly should NOT be read to the younger sister. It's also an indication that she needs help processing and all should attend family counseling to help her....if dad refuses then mom and girl should go.
Get one of those waterproof lap pads and put it under him. It's fine as long as it's not compressable. If you need more absorbancy you could use a disposable chux pad.
Maybe a canker sore bandage? They are ment to stick to your wet mouth and survive a wet environment, and they have a numbing agent in them.
...but I'm sick too. Nadia won't let DH sooth her when she's sick, she's asleep in the Ergo, I have the flu....headache, body aches and pains, upper respiratory crap, coughing up crud, etc. etc. and she has it too. I know she's supposed to want me right now because I have the nursies that are going to help her get better faster, but I hurt so much, and I'm not allowed to sit down when she's awake and she's not happy unless I'm wearing my coat over both of us, but I'm...
Around 7 or 8 weeks we started a routine. It was still cold out so we didn't do bath everynight....but we did do a rub down with lotion, then dress her in pjs and rocked her. When she was getting close to sleep I moved to the bedroom, layed down next to her and nursed her to sleep on top of a receiving blanket. Then after a few minutes I shifted her, and her blanket into her sidecarred crib. She's almost 9 months now and is used to being shifted into her own bed after...
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