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I'd take him out without making a stink.
Quote: Originally Posted by lach Okay, but it's not spread out over 7 days, it's spread out over 5 days. So that's 6 hours a day. And, no, we very rarely stay at home for 6 hours straight... especially not every day. And, no, it's really not "exhausting." We actually lead a pretty low key life, all things considered. But there are usually things that we want to do in late morning or early afternoon, plus the occasional errand at other times. And...
My neighbor has them and they seem to run small. It's fine for her baby, but by the time mine was 6 months old there is no way they would have fit her comfortably anymore. She's a chubby chunker and was 19lbs already at 6 months.
Starting at 12 I was home alone all day during school breaks. I was allowed out of the house, but I had to call my mom to check in every 2 hours if I was going to be outside. I really think it depends on the school. If it's a free online public school you won't be able to do it though. One of the requirements is adult supervision during school hours.
We've installed the radian rear facing in the center and outboard in our 1999 Saturn sl2.
My home has to pass licensing inspection for daycare.... Laundry? I do a load of laundry every day. So everyday until naptime there is a load of laundry waiting to be folded and put away on my bed. But it's only one load and it gets put away at naptime. There is also always a load in the washer and a load in the dryer. I cycle everything through once every morning. Floors? floors in the main living areas and kitchen get vacuumed or swept once a day, and spot...
Quote: Originally Posted by hollytheteacher Ready for this? This weekend I saw a man carrying his little dog in a pink baby bjourn type carrier and pushing his infant (granddaughter? he was on the older side) in a stroller.... *scratches head This kind of makes sense, have you ever tried to control a stroller and a leashed dog at the same time? LOL
I got tired of it too....so now ds sits down to potty. I told him that urninals are for standing up to pee, and we don't have a urinal so he needs to sit.
I use a tiny purse that attaches to my ergo. atm card and ID etc checkbook cell phone pen gum keys small notepad w/ shopping list edited to add: lip balm
They knew it by 3 1/2.
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