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Quote: Originally Posted by new york momma Did you all wash your ergos and inserts before using them the first time? I know I'm supposed to wash new clothes and blankets, but do I need to wash my brand new carrier and insert to? Seems like the insert is going to get misshapen. I washed my ergo, but I don't have an insert, when I use it with a noob I just swaddle in a blanket and put them in.
My dd was 9 1/2 and ds was 8 when they outgrew their boosters either by hieght or weight. DD couldn't even use a low back booster anymore at that age because it put her head up over the back of the seat of the car.
She takes a shower with me. I have a towel all ready with an open diaper on the floor. When we're done I dry her off and diaper her first, then I blot my hair really fast and wrap a towel around myself, pick baby up and head on to the bedroom to get us both lotioned up and dressed. I've been doing this for about 8 months now It's easier if dh is home to take her when we're done, but he doesn't need to be.
We've tried both and like the sidecarred crib best. The cosleeper had a hard bar in the way so I still had to sit up and reach in to get her, and I couldn't let her sleep on the edge of our bed because she could get trapped against the bar.
IF you really feel the need to use disposable liners you can have a smaller, separate lined diaper pail for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid People who don't thank my 8 year old for holding the door for them. The way all 3 males in my house can walk past a mess (that they've made) 50 times and not do anything about it. Dh using a dish, walking past the dishwasher and putting it in the sink. People who complain constantly about their finances and in the next second tell me all about what they just bought. People who wear only socks in public. Barefeet...
I voted "other". It's normal to have a big shower for the first child.....and then a smaller shower for a new child IF it's a different sex. And you never throw a shower for yourself. My friends insisted on throwing me a shower for our 3rd child, so I asked that it not be a gift shower, instead they all brought food and we spent the afternoon eatting cake, playing games, and making casseroles to stuff my freezer with for post partum.
The sceneras will fit with room for your hands between them and everything. BUT your 42lber can't be in a scenera anymore.
I tend to buy carseats that last one child for a few years, and by the time they'd be ready for the next kid they are pretty thrashed, even if they aren't expired, so I'd want to order new straps and cover for it anyway KWIM?
How old are they? If they are walking to the car under their own power I'd put the coats on them without zipping them up so that they are easy to slip off once they are in their seats, before you buckle them in. If they are able they could also just wrap a fleece blanket around them to walk out to the car.
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