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Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley Must be good luck!!! Sticky vibes for me please!!!.... : Who else is here?! Oh, and I wanted to say (because I'm feeling sassy and silly) that your first post barely counts because I posted in "questions and suggestions" and asked for abi to put up a 1/10 ddc for us, so neaner neaner neaner, LOLOLOL
I'm here!!! I'm having some brown spotting this morning though so I'm chewing my nails. I hope it stays brown and only lasts the morning. I hate when stuff happens on the weekend.
Gosh I hope it doesn't have anything to do with it.... I'm taking heparin and it makes it harder for vit D to activate in my body. I'm taking extra supplements, but who knows how well they work.
pretty please there are a few of us now
When are you due? If the cream isn't toxic to baby and will help the warts clear up or become non-contagious before your due date, I think I'd use it. Find out the name of the cream and do a bunch of research....then go see the OB armed with information so you know which questions to ask. This isn't related to your juivenille warts. This is a new strain that you probably caught wthin the last year or so...and it IS a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately most...
Quote: Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam I second the pro-ana thing, which was what first popped into my head when I saw Ana. Also, if you want her name to be pronounced like Anna, go with that spelling. Ana should be Ah-na. My step sister is "Finnish" and her name is Ana, pronounce Ah-nya.
Quote: Originally Posted by dogmom327 My naturopath gave me Bio-D Mulsion Forte by Biotics Research Corp. I take a few drops a day. oh, thankyou. I'll check that out!!!
I'm taking heparin and progestrone to maintain this pregnancy. I need to be on a low potassium diet...and I need a good vitamin D supplement because Heparin can cause abnormally high potassium levels and may interfere with the activation of vitamin D, especially in pregnant women. There goes my home pickled beets and kimchi. Good thing I'll only be on this stuff for 75-100 days. This is just so opposite to how I eat though. I as able to download a list of...
It'd going to be tricky because I've been ordered off of dark green veggies!!! I have a clotting disorder and have to avoid vitamin K
830pm on school nights when they were little bedtime was 8pm
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