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Quote: Originally Posted by mattemma04 Not sure if this is what you need from Florida DOE: http://www.firn.edu/doe/curric/prek12/frame2.htm Thats it! Thanks! And thanks everyone else too! Now, anyone know links to a free curriculum? Or some printouts for kindergarten, something like that.
I am trying to start homeschooling my kindergartener after a very rough start with public school. Please point me in the right direction. I need some type of guidelines for what she will need to learn this year. Testing is required in FL where we are so I want to make sure I have covered what she needs to learn. Thank you so much!!!
You had sent me some info I needed and I didn't save it. Can you please PM me again. Or if someone else can help me please!
Not sure if this is in the right forum: Anyone here know what subsidized housing is exactly? Specifically in the state of Florida? I don't think it is the same as income guideline apartments, or is it? In other words you could have 0 income and still get into subsidized housing? But, I know for the income requirement places that are not government funded you have to make a certain amount but not more than another amount. I just know there has to be some temporary...
[QUOTE=jacksmama]I'd rather end up floating upside down than have him take another woman kayaking. Unless she's 68. QUOTE] No matter what the woman looks like or her age my vote would still be no. Like I said please visit the above site. Men have affairs with women totally not their type for many strange and not so strange reasons.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, and no, no, no. These types of activites build and create bonds between people. Please visit http://www.marriagebuilders.com That is really all I will say on this. I haven't read all the replies and see that some people feel this is just fine. It doesn't sit well at all with me. And if you have even the slightest tug of uneasiness that is your intuition I would say listen to it.
For me it is all about trust. As my kids grow and I tell them things like, "Drugs are bad for you" "Unprotected sex is dangerous" and the like, I don't want there to be any confusion wether it is conscious or sub-conscious, that I have ever lied to them about anything. Small or big for serious reasons or for their amusement. Some families may not have a problem with this but we do. We do believe in the spirit of Santa, the spirit of giving and the legend. We are very open...
Quote: Originally Posted by busybusymomma That's sad. Unfortunately, some Christians aren't very supportive of breastfeeding either... but I hope to see that change (and I'm getting ready to stick a Jesus was breastfed! window cling on my van :LOL). LOL! That is a good one! Wether people believe in Jesus or not they could maybe get the point that at one time every baby was! Theoretically anyhow.
It is so strange that it can be uncomfortable... just the act of feeding a baby in this country. It is really surreal. I was once feeding my baby who was then just a few months old in front of some of my daughter's friends and two had no clue as to what I was doing. When they asked and I said I was feeding him they looked at me like I was so wierd. And then I said, "you know, the way all mammals feed their babies, just like kittens and puppies?" Then they said, "OH!" Like...
*If this is not in the right forum I am sorry. I didn't see one about home buying or renting. I found a house that someone is willing to let someone live in for free or reduced rent to fix up. I know that I need more details about what needs to be done to the house. But, I am wondering what I should ask specifically to protect myself etc... Also, he was saying something about maybe just buying them as is. 4000 sq ft total of 5 bedrooms, guest house out back. I would...
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