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Spughy, Can you tell me about your raw milk trips to the states please?! Do you take the boat to P.A.? Do you bring your kiddo? What store do you buy it at? This might just be an adventure we have to do! I'm sorry Kimberb, we spend far too much on groceries, my only tip is to meal plan (even casual meal planning helps). I have, at times, HALVED the money spent on groceries simply by planning the usual meals we enjoy - amazing how those 'extras' at the store add...
hmm, so far I've only come up with adding Lanolin. I'll post when I try it!
can someone direct me on making modeling beeswax at home? the beeswax we have from our local supply is great for candles, but far too hard to model with - what do I mix in with it to soften it up? oh, and as a benefit and to quote my son "it makes our house smell heavenly!".
I think these are called granulomas, a friend's little guy had one and it would bleed. They eventually put salt, or maybe some tincture from the doctor on it for a period of days and it shrank and went away.
it's pasteurized already, raw milk is still very illegal here. so I bring it to a simmer, cool it, then culture it. With the kefir grains I don't scald it, but the yogurt seems to work better if I do. It has never curdled before though, and I'm not sure I want to eat it now... but sure do hate to waste all the milk some poor organic cow lactated! anyone know what to do with this?
I add almond flour and egg, ketchup, spices, etc and it's very yummy.
one thing that really helped us was that the healthier he got, the less and less picky he was about food, and I've heard other parents say the same thing happens with them. The pickiness must be related to their general health. We also delayed any restrictive diet for fear our son would lose more weight, he would barely eat 5 things and the list was always shrinking. So the things we started with were very simple and nutritious, but like cyneburgh said, the result of...
our son went from the top of the growth chart to the bottom by his first year, by his second he didn't look healthy and was very small and thin. By his third year I was very worried, he was very picky with food, had awful itchy eczema, and only craved sweet starchy foods. We were so desperate to get food into him we would even go out of our way to feed him fries! Things turned around when I learned about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Traditional foods and started...
This hasn't happened before, and it may be that it isn't fresh enough. Any suggestions on what to do with this?? The only thing I can think of is adding more buttermilk or lemon juice and making panir cheese - but that's a lot of panir cheese! Thank you for any suggestions, Sarah
my experience with gluten is similar to yours, I finally 'tested' myself enough times that I finally believed it and changed my diet. There is a blood test your DR. can perform, but my son and I both have strong reactions to gluten and tested negative with it. Going in my DR said she found the tests to be inaccurate, and if I could tell that gluten was an issue for me then that was the best test available. I also felt the worst after high carb foods and the specific...
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