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I hate to not be here and then do another drive by, but I HAVE to vent my pain I just found out that not only are my two stepdaughters ripe and pregnant and looking very round, but my stepson's gf is pregnant *again.* I need to be happy, so I need to go put on my face
Just popping in to say hello. I just read 4+ pages, so I can't keep up with personals. I don't know if anyone remembers me, let alone my rants about my coworker. Well, she is preggo, and showing and in maternity clothes from the get go. She is a bit overweight and she is just really looking preggo now. I could handle that, but what I can't handle is her condescending talk about others on their fertility journey. She was talking before about this woman she knows who is...
Congrats Lavatea!!! Warm wishes for a sticky bean
MBA, I am not really a part of things anymore, but I am soooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes my day Now get ye to the graduates thread. (I still lurk sometimes, but have mostly gone, I am not likely to get pregnant. I root for all of the BSLs though)
Yes!!!I sword dance!! That's great you have one!!! The most important thing is to keep your chest out in good dance posture, and your chin up and practice!!! Yayy!!
I certainly hope so
Welcome A2E I think you are in the right place. I feel so much better since i stopped looking at the other thread. I just peeked though. I am now a bit desensitized to it now though. I really do wish them well, but sometimes it is hard to see BFPs when all of mine are snow white, and af is getting more frequent. I thin my LP is shortening and I may be in peri, oh well. My coworker was talking to someone about her friend who is older and she was saying that she was going...
Had to jump ahead and respond to rcr Please don't let me influence you to feel negative. I am getting old. I am 44!!!TTC since I was 41. I am done I think. You are still young. I get depressed whenever I see that I am the old timer (in more ways than one) I am not removing myself yet. I don't think you should leave, maybe take a break if you need it. This thread is always here for you and we love you I'm sorry to only reply to one person. My puter is in the shop, I am...
Just popping in to sub, and keep up with everyone. I am without my computer and am on DH's (it's not my favorite one to work with) so I will be brief. (Sorry no npersonals, except rcr, I am so sorry you IVF didn't work this time ) Coworker is in a happy mood and less annoying (but I am trying to block her out) I am now hearing about morning sickness and how she knows it's a girl. I am trying to take a different attitude. MBA, I am so close to telling you to take me...
rcr, I'm so sorry I was really hoping for you. Take it easy on yourself and go home I don't really have much time, but I wanted to report that my coworker got a real BFP on her second cycle of trying
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