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Welcome, HopefullyMama I have gone through bitter, to apathy, but I have been here a long time. I hope your stay is short and sweet. There is a lot of support here, so I'm glad you found us
Lovestolaugh, that also brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to say hi and wish everyone luck Sorry for no personals, I am just hanging out cd4, not going to try this month. I have the feeling the problem lies with DH. Was it this thread that I read about kidney stones, and the scarring that could interfere with sperm? DH has had kidney stones right before we TTC. I am not sure where I heard it, but I have been Oing, and have had a regulr cycle for years (up until...
I'm so excited for you, rcr You are due a little threadkeeper's luck! Thank you for the kind things you said Is it evil of me to want to ask my coworker how the pregnancy is going? (really, I wouldn't do something so mean) (but I would think about it)
Ugh, heavy start to af. Otoh, I think my coworker must've gotten a BFN because she is quiet about it now, and I know her test date was last Saturday.
So, FF is now saying that I didn't O My charts have always been so good, and now./... I saw an Ayurvedic DR the other day, and we are working on my general health and metabolism. He was going to give me herbs for my reproductive system and thought he would start me in Feb when I see him for my follow up. I have a diet, and he wants me to get off of coffee (hard, but I am slowly working towards it. ) I am kind of upset, like there is something wrong with me and it is...
Hi Tear, I miss you too, but am so glad you graduated
I heard something about kidney stones and fertility. My DH had stones before we TTC, and it may cause scar tissue that prevents the sperm from getting out. Also, his sperm may have changed too. His kids are older, and so is he. I have been so regular, and can feel myself O, last month was strange (the first irregular cycle I have had) He wouldn't go for a SA, but if I conceive, it will be a fluke. When I said I felt pathetic for being here, I mean it. I have been here...
10dpo BFN, sad that I am still here, trying... just sad. I feel pathetic
Even though I don't think I am, I am testing tomorrow, 10dpo. Jane, I am thinking good thoughts for you and your little bean . The whole belly shots right after a BFP reminds me of my coworker. She wasn't even 1dpo and was already having trouble buttoning her pants, and all of the other symptoms. I didn't see her today, but I know she was testing today, I guess I'll find out next week (not till Thursday though because I am not working the first part of the week.
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