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Quick update. DH was grumpy because he was up all night worrying over money and we just had a long and nice talk and I am feeling so much better. It wasn't about me, BUT he needs to stop acting that way towards me. Still going to the counseling.
Wow, you ladies are busy No posts for a whole day and I wake up to a page of new ones Sweet.Bee, I hope you get the jaw thing sorted out. I'm sorry you are going through all of this LTB, I hope you figure it out soon, it is exciting, the prospect of finding out what is wrong, so you can remedy it. Kinza, I'm glad your DH is "pitching in" and getting himself checked out! everyone else afm, DH is nice sometimes, and still grumpy. I just woke up and was temping and...
Thank you guys I am feeling a bit better. I was able to unload a bit with DH about my coworker, and he seemed to be understanding, he is really n ot being grumpy anymore, I am. I am pissed because he is such a grump much of the time. I do think it is true that TTC and marriage troubles go hand in hand. I think the money troubles and insurance thing is getting me in a panic, so it is not all him (if I am honest) but he reacts to me so badly when I ask a simple question,...
Well, at this point, I hope I am not pregnant, and I plan not to try any more. I am not even sure about my marriage anymore. I shouldn't write this out loud, but he wakes up grumpy every morning, and ruins my day because it starts me out upset. It always feels like he is grumpy at me. Maybe that is just him, but he is worried about money, and not sure he can help me out of my health insurance troubles (need money by monday) If I don't pay my Mnday, I am dropped and have...
music, you have tested, right? Last month that happened to me, it was confusing and emotionally difficult.
Does anyone know if it's possible to be pregnant when you have your usual post O symptoms? My BBs are so sore since Oing, but now my skin is breaking out and it never does that.
I was going to lurk, but MBA, you need a big I hate days like that I'm so sorry, I hope you get to feeling better btw, my face is sort of breaking out, it never does that. I know I am not pregnant because of my sore BBs I'm off to bed, not tired, but I want to go to bed with DH, plus I have to get up early. Blah.
Karolina, beautiful, tears.
It might have been a bit longer than 3 weeks, but it wasn't 2 months!!! I say test!!
collieflower, it took me almost 3 weeks to get a snow white BFN after my m/c
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