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LTB, I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit lighter
Blueyezz, we crossposted. I hope you get down to 0 soon, so you can get on with things.
LTB, don't I know the feeling I hate the BFNs when af won't start.My BBs haven't hurt until like 6 or 7 weeks when I was pregnant before. This time, they started hurting immediately at the time FF said I Od, so I guess I did right before then. It is a mystery.
Does anyone else get sore BBs around O time? Just wondering. Mine are soooo sore, which makes me think af is on her way. They got sore right around the time FF says that I Od.
Muuuuusssiiiiiiiiccc (in a whiney voice) where arree you? afm, my health insurance cancelled because I cannot afford my $630 a month payments, and I have to pay over 1200 to get it back on. I am self employed, and DH doesn't have the money to help me. I need insurance for a chronic health condition for which I take expensive meds (I have already talked to DR about pregnancy and meds) One of my meds is 25 a pill
I'm sorry, stuff like that is frustrating MUSIC, I saw your chart girl, when are you going to test???
MBA, Yay for a new car!!! and it sounds like your attitude is positive, that can't hurt. I hope af stays far away and you get that BFP. Monkeyscience, that is so scary Dizziness is a scary thing. I have had it before. It's a new day, so 5 days and counting... FF gave me crosshairs today, I am supposedly 3dpo. My BBs are hurting like you wouldn't believe though, so I suspect they are wrong. I am hopinh today will be a better day. Annabelle had a friend over last night...
lavatea, I'm glad you are feeling better, I hate it when fevers throw off those charts. I am sure you will pass the test FX Tear! Good to see you I can't see the rest of the page, so I will just say to everyone else for now. I am in a pretty dark place right now. I won't go all into it, I just wish I could feel better (I'd settle for feeling just okay tat this point) My coworker was acting quiet and not her self today. I hope she didn't get a BFN and get all upset,...
I'm sorry there is nothing worse than the dashed hope I am pretty certain I am going through peri. I am not sure if I Od, but I feel like I did. I am having post O symptoms (sore BBs) but my chart doesn't show it, and on the day it was likely to have happened, my NP told me that my CM wasn't fertile, that I haven't Od I don't know what to think.My coworker wasn't bad today, but I steered clear of her as much as I could. I am so immature, but I cannot wait to see how she...
Collieflower for passing your test Jane, for being graduating My BBs are a bit sore, kind of like I am post O. I think I Od on cd 14, and that cd9 was a fluke. If you look at my other cherts, if you take cd9 out, they look much the same. I know I am not preggo though, because my BBs wouldn't be sore if I were, but they would be if I were going to get af I am just going to pour myself into my writing, and hope my writer's block goes away. I have the creative urge,...
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