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Jane, how exciting (I had to post it) I forgot to look at an OPK I just took and left it sitting out. I came home and it was an error, but there is a red smear where the line should be. I know it was an error, but I wonder if I have yet to O, or if this is it for me this month. I am going to BD tonight!!!
I discarded the temp on the 9th and it said I Od cd14, (but I changed it back) but on cd 14, I didn't have fertile CM, I did have it though on the 8th/9th though. I have Od early before. Is that possible? I will keep temping to see what happens
I was wondering the same thing!
LTB, It's good that you have a friend who 'gets it' I hope you go see the new gyno, you really sound like you are ready to move on. It's good to have acceptance. I won't spout off 'positive thinking' here, you do not to hear that. It sounds like you have made up your mind and just need to find a way to proceed. I wish you the best. Like I have told you before, I am an adopted (and lucky ) child. I wonder how my parents did it? they are not wealthy. Ugh. I also feel...
Her clients are all either TTC or pregnant, or have toddlers running around. They are goading her on. She knows of my struggles, she is the one who quoted Down's Syndrome stats to me. It's not like I don't know that, it just sucks that I have to hear it. I can't help hoping she is not pregnant, even though I like to wish people well. I would HATE to wish my infertility on anyone else. I honestly wish her the best, I just wish she'd shut tf up.
loveto laugh, I wish I had an answer, but I think your instincts are right. I know I used nipple stimulation to induce labor. I just had to endure a while workday of listening to my coworker (who is too early even to test) gloat about how she is now pregnant, telling all of her clients over and over, and talking on her phone in the breakroom where I am eating lunch. I am feeling better today, a bit, but I am angry at my DH for some things, and trying to get over it....
Jane, I so see it, how exciting I want to but I know you aren't ready to call it yet. I had to listen to preggo next to me (who is not even able to test yet it is so early) gloat about how easily she gets pregnant, on the first try!! I had to hear her tell each client, and then on the phone, she had to come back where I was eating lunch How she will eat those words if she is not pregnant. She is so sure though, because she feels exactly the way she felt when she...
I see it.
Yes, Lovestolearn, I am so crossing my toes and fingers for you xo
My NP just referred me to an infertility specialist, and I had to walk past (and see into) the room where they did the ultrasound telling me I was no longer pregnant . She told me I was getting old, and it would be hard. For some reason, the whole experience was gutwrenching. I think it was remembering all of the pregnant women I had to walk by after I found out I was carrying nothing anymore I actually was frank about it in my blog (briefly) and I have decided that I...
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