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Wow, you guys sure have been busy posting I just had my appointment. I had to walk through the same room I was in when I found out bout the m/c. I was in tears, and the NP told me that I am getting old and probably need an infertility specialist. Words cannot describe. I blogged about it, I am saying screw it, I might as well be up front about my feelings. I'm sorry I have no time for personals, there is just so much and I have to get off of here. xo
Oh, I am sorry that some of you are feeling pain at the anniversary of TTC, it doesn't seem fair that some people have it so easy. I have the TTC ones and the m/c ones, and also the dates the m/c babies would have been due
I posted a very obvious TTC entry on my blog today (the 365 Blog) I wonder what comments I will get!! I was kind of nervous posting it, but I just pressed 'publish' and it was done (presto!)
LTB, I want so bad for your dreams to come true about your family. I know what you mean about never wanting another baby, I am too old, and I still want one You and your family are in my thoughts, it isn't fair that you should have to be wealthy to adopt I am an optimist by nature though, and I have a lot of hope for you. Maybe this is your cycle, I know you are probably sick of hearing it, but I had to say it I just looked, and I am on cd12, I should probably start...
I'm so sad to hear that
*nods head*I have my appt this Wednesday with my NP for my annual, and I will talk to her about my weird cycle last month. I am doing well emotionally now, but I am in the stage of my cycle where I am gearing up to O, and am strategically waiting to BD until closer to the time so DH will want to do it a lot (not that he doesn't usually ) I don't know why, but I feel hopeful. to all of you. Sorry no personals,m this is another characteristic drive b posting
I'm sorry
Hi kparker I'm still here It's good to see you Yes, we are all so happy for tear I have a bunch of pregnant images and fertile images ready to post in my 365 blog right around O time (like that will help ) Anything's worth a try on this, my last month of intending. music, I know I commented before, but I am appalled that a pregnant woman would do that, especially in front of everyone (not that it's okay in private) but that is child abuse, it is so awful...
Music, that is horrible that she was smoking and drinking while pregnant, and then she asked you. I am pissed Poor little one, I hope everything turns out ok, that is dangerous
My LP changes too! I always wondered about that. It seems my cycles follow 28/30 days regardless of when I O (this is based on the years I temped.) I can't wait to to if she really is preggo, everyone is blooming around me (more FB announcements, and 8 week belly pics)
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