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Really quick (sorry, no time for personals) I am pretty sure the girl in my salon next to me is preggo her first try. She is telling me that she "knows" she is. I am trying to be happy for her, no, I can be happy for her.... just really jealous. This is the one who quoted Down's stats to me.
I don't think it is too old, I just have had the wind out of my sails by taking certain comments to heart My mom even tells me that she knows a woman in her church who didn't even start having kids till she was 40, and now has at least 3, so it is not too old. I know she is not the only one. I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad
Halifax enjoy being pregnant Congrats!!!! Yes, I am 44, and am actuaslly kind of excited about this month, I don't know why with the stats and all. We will see what happens. If we didn't get pregnant, it would be fine. I am apathetic, but growing into acceptance, it's just hard to work next to a 30 something woman who is TTC her 2nd after conceiving on the 1st try with her DS. If she gets preggo soon/right away, it will be hard, but need to be happy for her. She was...
Sweet.Bee, I'm sorry you are having tooth pain My son and DH are BOTH having bad tooth pain, there is nothing worse. I hope the painkillers don't affect your O.
Happy birthday music Yay for ewcm lavatea, I hate it when I wast a test, it's still early, it's still possible. I am pulling for you and your future bean. rcr, I am so excited for you!!! collieflower, yes, I find the winter draining, I am ready for bed at dusk practically, but then I get a second wind and stay up too late, feeding the tiredness the next day. Kinza I started temping this morning. I am losing weight, lost another pound this morning We'll see what...
Jane, yay for Oing!!, and new hope
rcr, thank you (about the photos) I hope things smooth over for you and your DH quickly.
I took them down, chickened out, but they are on my friend's blog, I am not shy, I am mostly covered and it is mostly in silouette (sp?)
Drive by posting. I am just so excited, I modeled for a friend in an artistic nude photo shoot. There is fabric (sheer) strategically placed. I was feeling really bad about myself, and my body, but the photos turned out so good!!! They are going up with others in an art show, I am kinda nervous, but it is not like they are smutty, they are not even boudoir photos. I took the plunge and posted the blog link on FB, I wonder if I should've. Hmmm, I doubt DH would be...
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