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I would give the Waldorf school in Pasadena a call. Perhaps you can get him on the list there, now, just by submitting an application.  I don't think it's nearly as competitive as the stories I hear about NYC, but I can't say for sure. My kids went to school in the 'burbs and I didn't see those kind of issues. 
Can you be a little more specific on where in the Bay Area?
Thank you! It is for ages 6-7 I am thinking about.  I have done peg people, or gnomes, in the past. The first 5-6 were a lot of fun, the next 15 were torturous. LOL.
You are welcome to PM me with specific questions. I have decided this was too much information.
Oh boy, I have SO much to say on this. We just moved to the SV last summer.   I quite like Mountain View and aspire to be able to afford to live there some day.  Parts of San Jose are quite nice, parts are quite not.  I highly recommend searching city-data.com forums for information on specific neighborhoods and zip codes.   Time for Dinner, but I'll BBL with more thoughts...
Ds is 9 1/2, so I'll answer.   He reads a lot, imaginative play with his sister nicely (hahaha - a bit), practice his violin, draw/art, legos, outdoor play (right now it's just water), sometimes we go to the park (he likes to bring a bat and ball), throwing a softer ball against the stairs indoors repeatedly so it bounces back down for him to catch for roughly the other 6 hours a day. ;)   We used to do more outdoor bike or scooter riding but recently moved and...
It is for ME to do, not my kids, though that is a bonus. I need to make several of something to give out to Dc's friends. This would be the size/type of thing you might make for a stocking stuffer exchange, or pocket person, game prize, etc.   I have some 'old standbys' but I'd love some new ideas.  It is for children of both genders.   Thank you!
I can only speak for us, but we had some catching-up to do due to a school change and were directed to the "Write Approach" by Joen Gladich and Paula Sassi.  I believe there is one for printing and one ofr cursive. 
Trying to remember back...that was a fantastic age for my little boy. :)   We would try to play outdoors in the mornings...or outdoor outings to a park, garden, beach, etc. Then rest time and indoor play.   Is that too vague?  In our yard he loved our sand or water table (I never did the same at once, then it would be mud. LOL. So it was seasonally-directed).
I've thought about it. :) I think it'd be fun to make a postcard-sized wool felted design. You could cut wool felt the size of a card, then needlefelt your inspiration onto it.
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