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Thanks. I have heard great things about that book, unfortunately I'm looking for one for a boy right now. On that note, this one mentions it's modeled after the AG version.    
Yes, I intended to get a point of view from other Waldorf parents as our book preferences tend to differ sometimes.    Thank you for asking, first, before moving. I appreciate it. :)
I came from a totally "we don't talk about anything" family and learned about such things when the school had a 'tea' for the girls, and the school nurse came to show the entire class a video on reproduction. I believe this was fourth grade. Then they pretty much added upon that in a 6th grade talk, a 7th grade video, and then I think again in the 10th grade.   I feel as though my 9 yo is on the verge of questioning such things and *I* don't know WHERE to begin in...
I'm curious what you decided, too! I was going to reply that areas with a lot of IT jobs don't usually go hand-in-hand with affordable housing (unless you can work remotely or like a long commute). I know that's not very helpful other than perhaps more aligning expectations.
Hi there, I would ask how they know your baby isn't vaccinated? I mean, that's not the kind of thing that really has to come up on the 'first date,' if you know what I mean? ;) You could just leave that info out for a while.   I really liked the Ventura County AP group. There wasn't a lot of in-person action but it doesn't mean you won't find a good friend that way or start some play dates, or at the very least get more leads on where to find other like-minded...
I'm so sorry, I understand. My MDC DD club had a couple of late term losses, and it was rather frightening ot me. Even though, like you said, a completely different situation. It doesn't matter, when you are pregnant it can become very personal in more than a way of just having enormous sympathy for someone else. Hugs to you and many wishes for a safe birth.
Funny enough, I just saw them this week.  I find their faces to be a bit odd. Not because of the expressions, they just are strange. I think they had button arms and legs so they moved. I wouldn't say they are Waldorf dolls, but they are soft and cuddly.
Quote: It really depends upon where you live.    
I used to commute from Simi to Northridge for my kids' school. It wasn't too bad, using the carpool lane (about 25 minutes into the heart of Northridge from E. Simi) so if your husband can set up a carpool it'd work out well.  If you are looking more towards W. Simi it will take quite a bit longer.  If public schools are a concern there are a lot of Charter schools in LAUSD in the Valley (Northridge, that is, it's in the San Fernando Valley aka The Valley), but I...
It has varied by age, but in general a healthy lunch with wholesome food and water, what every child should get. No candy, cookies, "Bars" or muffins. Now as the kids get older, or perhaps it just depends upon the teacher, I've seen total crap come in. It's really dismaying to me that people expect their children to be able to be at their best all day when they're eating Girl Scout Cookies for morning snack. :(   Some things we have done: Sandwiches with a protein,...
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