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That's wonderful! ...and gives me an idea what to do with my 2 car seat bases and infant seat that I can't sell! argh!
I brought up some of the ideas in this post to my MW the other day...I'm a little squeamish about putting anything up anywhere that it doesn't belong, KWIM? She didn't really advise me either way on that aspect, but mentioned it all sounded like it was related to reducing yeast. Apparently the more yeast in the area the more friendly it is for GBS. So she gave me other systematic suggestions (usual, less sugar, probiotics, garlic oil, garlic) for now.
Should I put it in my cedar chest? I have a moth phobia. I never had any problems with ds' wool, but it was in constant use and washing (in lavendar eucalan). Dh had a suit get ruined by moths that I didn't even know were in our home! It was a different home, but still, I don't know how those little buggers found there way into the one wool item we had at the time. It's not as though the closet was in the garage!! Now baby has all these beautiful wool covers, plus...
When I first started CDing Ds, I had to use fleece-topped everything or a fleece liner as he got rashy as soon as he got wet.
FINALLY! (okay, it really hasn't been that long, just feels like it... :LOL ) They are so nice and look so well made. I can't believe I have to wait 4+ months to try them out! And a cute tiny SP Natural cover waiting to be dyed from the TP. I think the stash is all fluffed up now, just need a baby.
LOL. I will pm you when I'm ready! I don't remember what I paid, and I haven't seen any on eBay but a brand-new pair, so I thought I'd ask around first.
on TP or auctions? Assuming they are in EC? Thanks!
Newborn Prefolds 1 Preemie 2 Newborn 5 UBCPF Newborn, I think, they're not washed yet Fitted Diapers 4 Patchwork Pixie 1 FM FC Size 0 1 RB FLAM 1 ME Sandy Size XS 5 Kissaluvs Colors Size 0 6 Kissanots Natural Size 0 3 Kissaluvs Galore 2 Indisposables Size Small AIOS 4 FMBG (only one is front-snapping with apparent umbilical dip) Covers 1 FMBG Wool NB 1 PPW Wool NB 1 tiny aristocrat that I felted and dyed the heck out of - LOL 2 Bummis SWW NB 1...
The same thing happened to me today. I'm so sad. Three SOS. Mine were also in the garage, in a rubbermaid tub. Thank goodness the NB stash I was building was in the house...and it was only *gulp* three SOS...and none were the hand-dyeds. The wierd thing is it was not the oldest three. Maybe they were just in the hottest spot. Do you think this means all of the clothes of Ds' I have stored out there will get wrecked, too?
Good to know ladies! I'll add them to my "size Small" stash.
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