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Thanks! Don't give up on hemp next time! It might just be build up and a good stripping could help. Mine are not hard and scratchy and they were used tons.
How did it work out? How small were they? I just unearthed Ds' stash which got heavy into hemp SOS near the end and I had quite a few more than I remembered...of course a good thing. I'm just wondering, realistically, how early should I plan that I can use them? I believe she says 8 lbs on her site.
...I stopped by the book store on the sly tonight and ordered "Pregnancy Sucks for Men." I think he might enjoy that. Another funny one I bought him last baby was "My Boys Can Swim!" Quote: enough sections that he could stay focused :LOL
Can you recommend a good pregnancy book for my husband? Not a labor partner book, but more of a "Get off your wife's back this is what she is going through and how she feels, you have no freakin' idea!" book? Thanks :
There is one in Ventura...A Mother's Guild. Right next door to the Birthing Center.
I found that the side-snapping diapers were good for chubby thighs b/c you could adjust the waist and leg holes separately.
Pretty Pretty! I was very tempted by the brighter yellow wool cover embroidered like that, and it's matching diaper. I loved her covers with Ds, though I noticed there is now a "trim cut" option so I thought I'd give that a try. Hopefully this baby fits into trim. I indulged a bit as well...LOL. I love that key lime jersey so I got a newborn and a medium and some diapers I thought would coordinate. That Raspberry Wine wool is SO SO SO SO beautiful. If I knew I...
Thank you! I see on their website they have a 2 quart bottle for 12.99. It looks like shipping would be $4, so that is not terrible. We don't have any hunting or fishing stores, I think, just a mediocre all-around sporting goods store. Though there is a huge REI nearby. I will check both before I give up - thank you! Anyone else seen it IRL?
..anyone else with info? I tested neg. with Ds, pos. when not pregnant and haven't tested yet. I've been taking garlic oil orally and probiotics orally. I hadn't heard of suppositories...or using oral as a suppository.
Flowers, Butterflies, LadyBugs, ruffles, purple colors...
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