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other than walmart of course? Shipping on liquids is just so expensive. I go about once every three months to buy several bottles, but they're small and not that cheap so I can only use them on towels, Ds' clothing & Diapers (before, and when new baby arrives). Have you seen this stuff ANYWHERE but walmart? Please?!? ETA: and of course I will pay a dollar or so more, to avoid going to Walmart. They don't even sell the calgon water softener anymore. I had to special...
aww...that's so pretty.
Well, let's just say I'm only 19 weeks pregnant, and most of this baby's stash was purchased a long time ago. I was trying to not take a big hit out of the budget at once (or so I said to Dh). Prefolds 1 Preemie 2 Newborn 5 UBCPF Newborn, I think, they're not washed yet Fitted Diapers 3 Patchwork Pixie 1 FM FC Size 0 1 RB FLAM 1 ME Sandy Size XS 5 Kissaluvs Colors Size 0 6 Kissanots Natural Size 0 2 Indisposables Size Small AIOS 4 FMBG (only one is...
She is beautiful! I can't believe this stack of itty-bitty kissaluvs 0 next to me will look so big on a newborn! I guess it's been awhile. LOL. Congratulations!
If it's a sposie, it looks tacky to me, especially if it's with cowboy boots! LOL. For cloth, I might for a little baby in hot weather, or soaker shorts for an older one. Not usually for a toddler.
That makes me feel so accomplished, I actually got to see the Buy It Now button before the NB sold out. :LOL
I haven't rec'd mine yet, but Tykie has some beautiful covers instock.
She's beautiful! Congratulations
BTW...I just noted the naturalbabies sells a couple styles of swim diapers.
I'm so sorry your little guy is facing this. He's so little, I would probably just go with the more natural disposables. The yought to work well enough at that age, I would think. Though I probably wouldn't be above harrassing a post-op babe the least amount possible and using the regular disposables that "hold like the hoover dam" for less diaper changes.
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