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I liked terry cloth, velour or hemp fleece. Flannel a close second. I liked the small travel sized ones which fit into the travel wipe containers (like come with huggies wipes for $1 or something at the store), but for home I liked the bigger ones. I can't say where my favorite came from b/c the WAHMs were so generous to include them with orders that I amassed quite a lovely collection. ETA: 2 ply.
$22.50 on eBay for two, and it's not over yet? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...sPageName=WDVW
I bought a pair from Target. They're just like underpants but I think the fabric is non-absorbant. I used those or reused the disposable ones like USAmma said. We never had any poops, but that is a scarey thought! And a word to those who use the disposable ones, do not put them on your child and drive several minutes to where you will go swimming unless you KNOW they just peed. They have a tiny bit of absorbancy, but not much. :LOL
What is that outer pocket supposed to be used for? Otherwise it's so pretty. Such detail, even the zipper pull is a little moon to match the celestial print.
Thank you ladies! So you think I am okay on covers as well? I can't even begin to guess how many diapers we went through per day with Ds. It was all a sleepy blur.
Pretty Please...? Ds was 1 when we started CDing, so this is unchartered terrirtory. What do you think I will need more of? I do have plans to get more hemp doublers to help ensure the Kissaluvs work for us. I was thinking of some small stretch Stacinators but then I stumbled into tykie's today... Also, I do have a custom for a soaker coming up, and may try to get one or two more of those. It seems they'd be great for a summer baby. This is my newborn & small...
It was so tempting! I love BBH and would love a newborn embroidered from her. Not a big horse fan, though. Let's just say for me Horse = ER+XRay+Narcotics+weeksofpain and leave it at that. :
My guess is I need to stop buying Newborn and start buying Small...but do I need more Newborn Covers? This is new territory for me, Ds was 1 when we started! Newborn Prefolds 1 Preemie 2 Newborn 5 UBCPF Newborn (I think - they're not washed yet & I forgot) Fitted Diapers 3 Patchwork Pixie 1 FM FC Size 0 1 RB FLAM 1 ME Sandy Size XS 5 Kissaluvs Colors Size 0 6 Kissanots Natural Size 0 2 Indisposables Size Small AIOS 4 FMBG (only one is front-snapping...
Speaking of minishowers...are they a gentle enough spray they dont' splatter all over? I got the ingenius idea...ONCE...to try my shower head sprayer (in the toilet)...it wasn't pretty.
Those are pretty, but somebody doesn't look very sleeeeepy. :LOL
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