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Wow, if it were MY inlaws I'd never make it. I get that yours are from a very different culture, but your Dh speaking non-stop in a language you don't understand, when presumably, the ILs speak English anyway?! THAT would irritate me!! Oh, and the not giving baby the attention she needs. I know you try to be careful with money, but I'd be so ticked I'd say, "Well, now I have to get her a new pair of shoes!" :LOL
Wow, thank you. I was just over there browsing (okay, trying to figure out where they would have stocked the customs) and didn't even notice it! I got the solar system, but I wanted to add that I LOVED all of the celestial themed ones. Very pretty. I can't wait to see what this is like. I have 2 Happy Tushies from Ds, these did not exist back then.
I'm so tempted by those FMBG Small AIOS! I keep waiting hoping she will stock her own store so I don't have to pay the extra wrapped-in shipping at UM, though. I don't know how much longer I can hold off!
Here's One A second This wahm says she'll add snaps to a mini bun to make it a newborn diaper. HTH
Quote: Originally Posted by Jachut And I couldnt set the alarm because then DH would have known I was buying more nappies. :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by stacey0402 I'm not sure if some people did this, but from my experience you cannot have one particular diaper up that you keep refreshing. Did that make sense? At 2 stockings I tried this with the one diaper I really wanted and it just said "0 of 0 in stock" when they stocked, but when I went to the page of diapers (all the size 1 print envelopes...for instance) it *was* still instock. I found that out, too. I had...
Quote: Originally Posted by daekini : ...i just found out i'm expecting a boy... That's okay. Congratulations! Maybe I'll have a girl. Otherwise my son will be in butterflies! :LOL I'm happy, I got the sun ray size 0, that was my other favorite.
It's been over a year since I got that Hyena rush. Did I actually get diapers? If I got an order number and all the way checked out, did I get them? If so, I LOVE THEIR CART! I actually had to sign up TWICE (site died)...I guess I didn't have a profile. But if I went through that and still got them, I'm in Hyena Heaven. And I really wanted that size 1 Seals diaper if anyone got it, I'll trade you the butterflies & Fairies.
Oh and I LOVE that beach backpack, too! But baby will be born just before Fall so I shouldn't.
...will there be wool today?
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