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Thank you!
I thought I was the only one. LOL. I started my NB stash before I even wanted to conceive! I will have to get the tub down today to inventory.
Are the diapers I am looking at a preview for today or from last stocking?
I don't think this has ever happened before. Quote: okay this is really embarrassing..... I don't knwo my own time zone :LOL Does anyone know how long a 0 will fit...give or take? I'm wondering if I should try for 0's or 1's for baby.
MaryJo, thanks for posting those statistics, I have the other zillion windows open on my PC but hadn't gotten to wade thruogh it yet. I'm surprised, for some reason I thought Measles was more prevalent than that. I am also surprised that the Mumps was the highest, since I've never heard of a case! It looks like I need to add more books to my wish list!
Oh goodness! I avoided peanuts when pregnant and nursing Ds. This time my Midwives say to definitely eat peanut butter for the protein and just avoid when nursing. Yikes!!
I read a connection to soy formula and peanut allergies. Apparently a lot of people just go to soy formula instead of trying the dairy type. That could be why the rise. Perhaps their systems could not digest the soy formula yet.
Does the Vitamin K actually raise the bilirubin levels or does it just make the baby look jaundiced?
Quote: Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Melaniee .. I also question the safety of the more recently-created ones since they really are not very well-tested. They are tested exactly the same as all the 'old' ones. Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate otherwise. What I meant is that they are really tested on the general population, when the CDC adds them to their list. If it's new, there is no track record and very little testing,...
Thank you ladies. I appreciate all of the information so far. I actually do have that book by Dr. Mendelsohn, and I know he's well-respected in the NP community, and I'm not suggesting he's not due the respect b/c any MD who speaks outside of the mainstream deserves it, IMHO, BUT I found one section in his book which bothered me so I'm still trying to decide if I want to swallow the rest. It's just one of those personal experience things, my family has one that...
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