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FYI, I am of the mindset that vaccinations are not all evil, but the CDC recommendations are not in the best interest of my child. I think they are recommended when children are way too young. I also question the safety of the more recently-created ones since they really are not very well-tested. For Ds, we weighed the risk of him getting the illness or disease against the inherent risk of the vaccination. We ended up selecting DTaP (for the Tetanus and Pertussis- at the...
You might want to find out who makes tiny hemp doublers...just in case, that way if baby is a super soaker you can still use the NB diapers.
Welcome Darshani. Perhaps your non-hyena expertise will be a postive influence on me this time.
I am also measuring ahead, but about 5 weeks. I have a big fear of twins so I went ahead with an unscheduled U/S. Just one happy baby in there, measuring perfectly on time. I guess the 2nd time around my uterus is just over-achieving! Now if only my pancreas could do that this time, I'd be set.
I got the little bugs. I couldn't resist. I was just looking at her site after she posted the first email and saw it going really slow...then sure enough...she sent the second. I can't believe I nabbed it, though. It was very slow for me on DSL. Those Kelly Greens were sure pretty. There is still one available if someone is looking... ETA: She also has choose-your-own-trim Hemp ones instock, too. What's up, did she drop off of the Hyena-Dar?
I think I got mine from Buy Buy Baby.
I just wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of information in this thread!! We're looking at preschools for the Fall...though most you mention are way out of our geographical area, it's fascinating to hear of all this research. We're leaning towards Waldorf and praying for Financial Aid and giving Thanks for Tax Returns. What I know of Chime Charter is that it was started (or maybe initiated) by parents who's child with development disabiilities was not...
The show is called "Moving Up" and their episode is "Country Kitsch Carnage." http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/mo...episode01.html You ladies forgot the part where they took the placenta from the freezer!
Found it! Oxygen Channel! http://www.oxygen.com/birthstories/ It would seem it's only on once a week. Too bad.
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