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Something that helps me a lot is just getting out--going to a park, for a walk, visit someone, go do an errand. Other ones are getting dressed (+ make-up) and reading intellectual material. Jen
I am generally fine with it. I think kids need more freedom.
I just write them in a planner book and keep things really simple. This is the basic plan for my 7 year old:     Everyday is: Math page Handwriting practice Reader (read outloud to me) (Plus I read stories, they do crafts, science experiments, write their own books, ect as just part of life)   Weekly: One entry in reading response journal One journal entry about something we did (Both you draw a picture and write at least 3 sentences)   Hope...
My first baby i had to wean at 9 weeks and got a peroid shortly after.   With my 2nd baby I never really had a period (only two tiny scant spottings) and still got pregnant when dd was about 28 mos. She had been nightweaned for about 4 months. She was an avid nurser and terrible sleeper so I am happy that I got a break from a cycle at least.    This baby is 9 months and I still have no peroid. So, I have not had a peroid since May 2007 and it has been nice!
Thank you Tigeresse and others for sharing your struggles on this thread. I am friends with a former unschooler IRL who has also struggled and is now doing things differently with her younger children. I do agree that unschooling does get promoted by a vocal some as the self-actualized way of homeschooling and that we should always be trying to get ourselves there.  (I can aslo see how it could work out in some families so this post is not to say it is never a good...
I agree with Kuba's mama. I am an idealist too but something had to give. I had my 3rd child this year and it has really made me prioritize and relax. I focus on love and relationships first and go from there. Nutrition and homeschooling are important to me so I am willing to let other stuff go (cloth diapering for example) to stay sane. I have burnt out trying to be supermom  before and that was definately bad for all of us!
It helps me tremendously with digestive, gallblader, and just that vague ick feeling. It is my favorite fermented food/drink.
Yep! People are very comfortable with debt and although things are gettng better money-wise for us we still have to be frugal to stay out of debt.    
Reduction sauces for meat.. yum! I also add broth to collard greens when I coook them.
Cool video!   For me sleeping makes a big difference for weight(and mood!)..When I am chronically sleep deprived I have a bigger belly and it is harder to lose weight. My 2nd child is 3yo and just started sleeping better and my new baby is a good sleeper so I actually feel good in general now after years of bad sleep.  I think that is why I held onto 8-10 pounds after my 2nd pregnancy (My ND thought so too...she thought I probably had mild adrenal problems...
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