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I use One Heart Midwifery in Citrus Heights (right next to Roseville). I love them!
I do about a half tincture dropper 3x a day with meals. (there should be instructions on the bottle too). I do the acv plus honey is I have no kombucha and my gallbaldder feels weird.
Things that help me: kombucha helps the most by far dandelion root tea or dandeloin tincture water with some raw acv and raw honey Betanine HCL supplements or digestive enzymes with that as an ingredient with food     I have been using all these while pregnant or BFing. My discomfort in very mild and I don't think I even have it if I am regularly drinking kombucha. Regular excercise is supposed to be beneficial as well. Hope that helps!
I can relate...I love CMs ideas but just seem them as ideas....What I take away from it is: lot's of outside time, do you best work, short lessons, living books, and focus on character...But I feel like our life is mostly unschooling (I like to call it Spirit-led learning  )   I can't force my kids (myself!) into a pardigm either. I think that is the weird thing about the interenet and reading books about people's lives....I don't know anyone in real life "perfectly"...
  Hope this helps! http://www.suegregg.com/recipes/breakfasts/blenderbatterwaffles/blenderbatterwafflesA.htm  http://www.suegregg.com/recipes/breads/cornbread/cornbreadA.htm 
I get this when I can't make mayo but I don't think it is a great thing but probably an OK compromise food (better than soybean oil and all that other ick in the other ones). If you want to try to make it again, I make mine with half evoo/ half mented coconut oil and find it very delicious (Evoo alone is gross IMO). I do egg, lemon juice, salt/pepper, sometimes a tiny bit of honey and then VERY slowly add the oils.  
  Hey kallyn,   I started paleo about 4.5 years ago almost on accident because I realized dairy and grains were contributing to my Lyme symptoms. I had been doing TF for about 6 months when I dropped grains/dairy.    When I feel best I am focusing on lots of bone broths (esp beef), liver/clo, coconut products, ferments (esp saurkraut and kombucha) with meats/fish, veggies, eggs, good butter, berries and a little raw honey. When I do this I have energy, I  feel...
I would use a lot of coconut products, kombucha and cod liver oil (and a traditional diet). I think Eat Fat, Lose Fat has a cancer testimonial in it.   Also, optimize vitamin D levels. Have them checked and then dose accordingly. Many people need 5,000iu a day.
   It seems like steak house type places go the best so I get get some meat/fish and just double the veggies. I also get salads with meat (cobb or chef without cheese) and breakfast can be bacon, eggs, hashbrowns/fruit. You could go to the store and get some fruit and nuts when you arrive.   I really try and get rooms with kitchens when we have to travel because I don't enjoy eating out at every meal. Since we drive on our trips, we bring a lot in an ice chest with us...
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