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Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy My nearly-4 is frustrated by math workbooks at the moment (he hasn't got the handwriting skills for them). He's been playing with pattern blocks and I've been calling it "math." I swear, the money I spent on unit blocks was probably the best I ever spent. I can't think of anything else we have that has seen so much play and learning time. I bought one of those pattern block toy thingies for my daughter for...
My experience was pretty much the opposite. I had As, did very well in general, and went on through grad school. I liked school mostly (had bad days like everyone in every situation) and don't have any regrets about going through it. I have no problem with motivation and find that not having to continue to produce As as an adult hinders me in any way. I don't feel my zeal for learning has been damaged and I don't feel I learned a lot of useless stuff. In fact, the...
We did a lot of what Thalia suggested and also have another vote for Singapore Earlybird Math. We found it to be a gentle introduction to basic concepts and presented in a way that really seems to stick with the kids. Some things I wish I had learned this way back in the day. Apropos of nothing, my son wants me to include this: :
I bought the book Drawing with Children which is lovely, but I just couldn't get it into our program at home. I adore art, just not the making of it. And my kids are young enough, sadly, that my lack of enthusiasm stalled things. ETA: I know many people who did very well with the book. Might be worth checking out from the library.
Great ideas! Many thanks to you both.
My son finds homonyms very fun and is exploring them as word games and even puns. I'm usually pretty good at adapting his interests to some kind of game or activity but with this I'm coming up blank. Care to help? I'm totally flummoxed how to entertain him on this one. He's six, by the way, and a fairly good early reader. (Also will cross-post to The Denim Jumper, so if you participate there you'll have the joy of seeing this twice!) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby I found it on their website a few weeks ago, but it was not anything good like last year, at least not anything I was interested in. It was all stuff like wall posters and stationary. Yep - nothing really good this year. I only found one or two things I wanted but couldn't be bothered to go through their very poor ordering system to get them, so I passed. Here's holding out hope for next year!
My son is enjoying (see a previous thread that I've lost now and do not feel like finding again) his 2.5 hour kindergarten experience - it's kind of his daily playdate and rest from his classical-esque homeschooling. He loves math and science in particular, and as long as I wrap other subjects round so that they have something to do with Copernicus and/or da Vinci I find I get very little pushback from him. I'd like to fit in more time for handwriting practice but...
Thanks, all, for your insights. The mechanism for getting notes to the teacher - which I won't belabor here -makes it pretty hard for me to believe that she hasn't received the note. She may well have it in a queue to deal with, which I'd understand as she has 40 students this year over two classes, but the courtesy of a "you note will be handled in the order in which it was received" would be nice.' Anyway, yes, thanks. We'll see how this goes.
My son (he just turned six) asked to "try" kindergarten this year with some buddies of his. Since it's only half day (like, barely three hours) I consented on the grounds that, well, it's his life and he made it clear that he welcomed and wanted a continuation of our home-based learning activities. So, fine. At his evaluation/assessment the teacher said that he is clearly advanced - which I knew - and could possibly be gifted. Fine, I knew this, too. The district...
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